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Rise in number of shipments for STBs

The recent reports claim of release of overall set top box market that supposedly has grown over to two hundred million units last year.

It was further added that the market gave a further pump when over fifty million households worldwide were switching to digital TV and most of the people around had to migrate from the old analogue TV signal in exchange of the free to view digital service.

The data released states that during 2010, close to 204 million set top boxes were offered, and approximately 13 per cent launched across the USA with close to 30 per cent of the entire shipment ending up in Brazil, China, India and Russia.

It is considered that the surge in set top box market has overcome the worldwide financial crisis, which supposedly was lowered in 2009 when the annual growth had come down when compared to 2008.

However the future prospects for 2010 seemingly appears to be good as the global market will ask for more equipment.

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