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S Band LNB !!
Have anybody knows about S - Band LNB ?? most of the young peoples may not heard about this .1st time Doordarshan had used this LNB in their satelitte recieving dish for us.i had 1 of the connections with 6' Aluminium that time only 2 channels were telecasting .Doordarshan National and DD Metro.have a glance of the S Band LNB which was Made in USA .the pack has installation booklet.

[Image: tv050.jpg]

[Image: tv057.jpg]

[Image: tv052.jpg]

[Image: tv054.jpg]

[Image: tv055.jpg]

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good info...... can we see the pics of .. all the S band reception system ( dish, reciever)
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Ya Thats NEWS For Me... Being Well Informed In Cable Industry I Am Seeing This For The First Time.....
[Image: izvqcn.jpg]

wIcKeD mEnTaLiTy
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No u cant see the Dish or other equipments from me .perhaps almost all dish had been sold by now .as its out of fashion and no reception in S Band to other viewers.perhaps some feeds may be there,that too very slim chance.i have 1 old reciever which had S band capability.,i have to search in my house for that STB Sad if i get that will sure post the images.thats Analog that time there was no digital telecast of channels.the STBs r both c band and S band capability.
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Check this thread for pictures :
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I didn't born at that time thanks for sharing
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:hot: May be next weekend we are going to start some experiments to catch
Indovisions by using S band lnbf if new ill hope to share with u all
,if some one having more experiences with this hope u all comment here :up:

At the movement waiting fo this
[Image: S-Band-Dual-Polarity-LNB.jpg]

[Image: 2a4o7c7.jpg]

[Image: DJVBG.jpg]

[Image: indiandthsig.php]
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Thats great Waruna :up: .now a days the S Band signals r seen very rarely. hoping ur tests be succesfull.
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My s band labf and 6 feet dish ses 108 east Indovision
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2669]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2670]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2709]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=2708][Image: attachment.php?aid=2707]

[Image: indiandthsig.php]
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