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Hope everyone knows abt Mr.Jeppiar.

Mr. Jeppier, Chairman of Sathyabama deemed university and some more
self financing colleges, always speaks in English. Thatcollege s tudents
have collected & published a book by name "Jappier's Spoken English"

..... Njoy ............with his..............English..............

Now, here are some classic English sentences from the great "Jappier's

Spoken English"

# At the ground:

All of you stand in a straight circle.

There is no wind in the balloon.

The girl with the mirror please comes her...{Means: girl with specs
please come here).

# To a boy, angrily:


I talk, he talk, why you middle middle talk?

# While punishing students:


You, rotate the ground four times...

You, go and understand the tree...

You three of you stand together separately.

Why are you late - say YES or NO ......(?)

# While addressing students about Dress Code: (he is very strict abt


Every body should wear dress to college

Boys no proplum

Girls are pig proplum .. (pig=big)

Girls should wear only slawar no nitee.

Girls should not wear T sirt ,U shirt,V shirt.. but if you want to wear

..... remove it when inside the campus and put it oout side the campus

# Sir at his best:


Sir had once gone to a film with his wife. By chance, he happened to
see one of our boys at the theatre, though the boy did no t see them.

So the next day at s school... (to that boy) - "Yesterday I saw you
WITH MY WIFE at the Cinema Theatre"

# Sir at his best inside the Class room:


Open the doors of the window. Let the atmosphere come in.

Open the doors of the window. Let the Air Force come in.

Cut an apple into two halves - I will take the bigger half.

Shhh...Quiet, boys...the principal JUST PASSED AWAY in the corridor

You, meet me behind the class. (Meaning AFTER the class..)

This one is cool >> "Both of u three get out of the class."

Close the doors of the windows please. I have winter in my nose

Take Copper Wire of any metal especially of Silver.....

Take 5 cm wire of any length....

Last but not the least some Jeppiar experiences ...

Once Sir had come late to a college function, by the time he reached,
the function had begun, so he went to the dais, and said, sorry I am late,
because on the way my car hit 2 muttons (Meaning goats).

At Sathyabama college day 2002:

"This college strict u the worry no ..... U get good marks, I the happy,

tomorrow u get good job, jpr the happy, tomorrow u marry I the enjoy"

At St. Josephs college of engineering fresh years day 2003:

"No ragging this college. Anybody rag we arrest the police "

VERY IMPORTANT :ok enjoy this English, but dont forget your English !!
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Sardar married a girl n invitd everybody except his parentS
Frnd:y u didnt call ur parents?
Sardar:its a revenge coz dey didnt invite me 4 their marriage...:hot::happy:
Srdar to Vishnuvardhan,
Who are You man? Vishnu: Simma! Saahasa Simma! Srdar: Pre-paid SIM maa, Post-paid SIM maa.
Vishnuvina hotteyannu hokka Brahma hora baralu ariyade
Dari kanade konege Hokkalinda hora bandu kamalada mele kulita

Edu jagattina modala 'APARATION KAMALA ':karate:
A sardar died due to heavy lightning, after his death, his face was in laughing mode. God asks y? Sardar replies- i thought someone is taking my photo.
Girl Friend is a
Is very Tasty.
Lover is a
Very hot & Spicy.
Wife is a
No taste but good for health.:mdr::cry1:
Angry Husband sent SMS to father-in-law..
KISS is the KEY of love
LOVE is LOCK of marriage MARRIAGE is the box of children
CHILDREN are the problem of india.
so dont kiss! Save INDIA.!
Gals do not put their
Mobile phones in their bra .....why?

Bcz it converts milk 2 lassi.....
Ganguly won natwest series n removed shirt...:happy:
Dhoni won 20 20 series n removed shirt..:happy:
Oh god when wil sania win wimboldon......?:thinking:

Gud night
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a sardar enters shop and shouts, where is my free gift with this cooking oil?
man:- there is nothing free with this sir.
sardar:- oye! it's written cholesterol free.

what is the difference between secretary & personal secretary?
secretary :- says "good morning sir" and personal secretary says " it's morning sir"

once some one sent sms to sardar " sender is cool and reader is fool"
sardar got angry and replied " sender is fool and reader is cool"

father: radio va ceylon la vai.
son: vendampa namma veetileye irukkattum.

what do you get if you put some sugar under your pillow?
sweet dreams !

kanmani anbodu friend nan anupum sms.
ponmani un cell kasu eruka?
en celil kasu illai.
unnai ninaikayil sms kottudhu.
adhai anuppa ninakayil bill egirudhu

be. padi engineera povai
m.b.b.s padi doctara povai
b.l. padi vakeela povai
intha mathri sms padicha veena povai

two sardars were planting a bomb in a car
sardar 1: what would we do if the bomb explodes when we are planting it..?
sardar 2: dont worry.. i've got 1 more

sardar is driving a jeep in jungle.
tourist: if lion comes very close to us then how we can escape?
sardar: give right indicator and turn left.
கந்தல் ஆனாலும் தாய் மடி போல் ஒரு சுகம் வருமா.....வருமா...
சொர்க்கம் சென்றாலும் சொந்த ஊர் போல் சுதந்திரம் வருமா.... வருமா ...
Thanks given by:

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