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SRK to finalise the IPL anthem
Shah Rukh Khan has asked Vishal-Shekhar as well as Pritam to do the remix version of the IPL anthem 'Karbo, Larbo, Jeetbo Re'. He will finally select the version which he likes best.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders’ anthem ‘Karbo, Larbo, Jeetbo Re’ will become a remixed number during the forthcoming IPL season. Our source says that now SRK wants a modified version of the anthem for which music directors Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam are close contenders. Interestingly, SRK will choose whichever of the two versions he will prefer.

While SRK has instructed Vishal-Shekar, who had composed the original anthem last year, to come up with a remixed version for this year’s IPL, he also approached his current favourite music director Pritam who gave music in his recent home production Billu for the same.

Our source said, “Vishal-Shekar and Pritam are both working on the same anthem. Let’s see who comes up with a better composition. The offer to both the music directors was made only recently.”

It may be recalled that last year, Vishal-Shekar were closely associated with SRK since they were working with him on Om Shanti Om even while composing the anthem for Kolkata Knight Riders. However lately, SRK and Pritam have also been working closely because of Billu.

When contacted, Vishal asked, “Who told you this?” and he quickly went on to deny that SRK had approached them to modify ‘Karbo, Larbo, Jeetbo Re’. Vishal added, “I would love to do something like that and give some sort of a spin to the anthem.” Shekar too denied that SRK had approached them for a remixed version but then he quickly added, “That would be really cool.”

Vishal said, “I haven’t heard that SRK has asked Pritam to do the remixed version. SRK is a professional and if such a thing happens, we will be told about it. But, if Pritam goes on to do it, we have no issues as long as the anthem rocks and the team is inspired by it.”

Despite repeated attempts, Pritam remained unavailable for comment. We sent a text message to SRK but he didn’t reply.

As for whose remixed version SRK will finally select, may the best man win.

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