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Sarkaar gets tech-savvy!
MUMBAI: If the wild setting of the mega reality show 'Sarkaar Ki Duniya' had medieval lifestyles written all over it, its promotions were far far away from medieval. In fact, REAL has used some of the modern tools and techniques in the digital space to reach out to its viewers, the neo-Indians. The channel has used gaming, email campaigns, online glue pages, social networking, cricket contests, and SMS campaigns to promote Sarkaar Ki Duniya. And it did that with some very satisfying results.

REAL created an exclusive site for the show,, where viewers could participate in an interactive game and compete with each other to win over 400 prizes. There are over 10,000 registered users playing this game daily. This page also leads web traffic to the REAL official website., which has downloadable goodies like wallpapers, screensavers, ringtones for the viewers. Visitors can also read regular updates and participate in quizzes, discussion forums and contests!

Sarkaar Ki Duniya is also hosted onBebo, the UK's leading social networking site which recently entered the Indian market. When the site launched in March, it tied up with REAL to dish out premium entertainment content for its online users. Bebo also cross promotes the Sarkaar Ki Duniya Game by helping viewers with clues.

REAL has also tied up with Yahoo! to create a Glue page for the show which includes quizzes, episode summaries, videos, pictures, blogs, yahoo! groups and contestant profiles on the show. Viewers can watch out for some interactive contests which will increase consumer engagement even further!

Besides Bebo and Yahoo! REAL has also used popular social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn effectively. Over a million users of these sites collectively view and review Sarkaar Ki Duniya content daily!

REA[Image: real.gif]L also ran a3-week long contest on Sarkaar Ki Duniya by tying up with the Rajasthan Royals wherein 30 winners will be traveling to South Africa on an all-expense-paid trip to watch the Rajasthan Royals play. Viewers of SKD are taking part in the contest through SMS. The contest itself is widely promoted through online channels, advertising and email campaigns. The contest has received over 60,000 entries through SMS in three weeks. The channel used an extensive email and SMS blast campaign to reach out to the target audience. It used mobile communication platforms like to reach out to millions of consumers to promote the contest.
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