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Satellite Dishes
Wave Frontier Toroidal T55 Dish (with 3 M10R LNBF's)

<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px ;" src=""/>

There are many other antennas available on the market that offer multi satellite capabilities for a limited arc range, designed based on a parabolic formula.

The limitation of these multi-beam parabolic antennas comes from its original formula. Only one LNBF, which is installed at the center, is at its optimal position.

In other words, the other LNBFs are not at their optimal position. Therefore, a customer may experience rain fade and weak signal strength on the channels coming off from these not-optimally located LNBFs.

On the other hand, Toroidal formula makes it possible to locate all LNBFs at their optimal position due to its dual reflector design of Toroidal antenna. Therefore, Toroidal antenna provides the same signal strength and stable signal for all LNBFs under various environments.

3 (three) LNBF's (M10R's)
5 (five) LNBF holders (3 slots used with the above LNBF's, leaving 5 for future use)
Capture up to 8 different satellites at the same time
Pole mount installation kit
Key features:
T55 has the same effectiveness of 55 cm (20 inches) dish for each LNBF installed.
T55 can accommodate up to 8 LNBFs.
T55 can cover up to 40 degrees in arc (60 degrees in azimuth)
Approximate Price: $149.99

[Image: haveagreatday.gif] [Image: glowsmile.gif]
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Elliptical Dish with 5 Dual LNB's

<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px ;" src=""/>Here's what's included with this package:
18 x 24 Elliptical Dish
X5 LNB Bracket
5 Dual Circular DSS LNB's
House Mounting Bracket
Hardware Pack
5 x RG6 Cables (one for each LNB)
4x1 DiSEqC Switch
Other features of this product:
Receives 5 satellites that are 9 degrees apart (82,91,101,110,119)
Light weight at only 12.50 lbs.
Light gray satellite finish
Rust free, galvanized, and powder-coated aluminum
Easy to install with included manual
Individually factory boxed, unlike most competitors who only have bulk dishes
Approximate Price: $149.99

[Image: haveagreatday.gif] [Image: glowsmile.gif]
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where we can buy these ? and further can this work for both c band and Ku band
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It works in KU Band only.these r the ku band dishes as u see only ku band lnb connected in the pictures.
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please post images if possible
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