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Satellite Updates : ISRO to launch 3 new communication satellites to provide high-speed internet...
ISRO to launch 3 new communication satellites to provide high-speed internet connectivity

Indian Space Research Association (ISRO) plans to launch three satellites, GSAT-11, GSAT-19, and GSAT-20, over a period of 18 months to help improve the internet connectivity in the country. While India is ranked second in the world when it comes to internet usage, the net speeds in the country leave a lot to be desired with a large part of the popular still not onboard with the internet connectivity. ISRO is aiming to address the issue with its new satellites.

While the internet penetration in urban areas is high, in rural areas though there are still many regions where people shy away from using the internet and the slow connections only add to the woes. The three new satellites will be spot beam satellites, concentrating on improving connectivity in designated areas. A spot beam satellite consists of a high-gain antenna which covers an only specific area that is targeted. As the area is small, the connectivity in that region improves.

With spot beam satellites, the narrower the beam, the higher the frequency and better internet speeds. Also traditionally, the sport beam satellites use beams or signals just once, providing limited power. With the new technology, ISRO will reuse beams multiple times, even on smaller areas. This will give better connectivity and improved connections. GSAT-11, GSAT-19 and GSAT-20 will be launched in phases and the first satellite to be launched is GSAT-11. The satellite will be launched in the next six months and is the heaviest of all the three. GSAT-19 will follow sometime in mid-2018 and GSAT-20 will launch by end of 2018.

Present satellites beam data at the rate of 1GB per second. After these satellites are launched, the beaming speeds with more than quadruple. GSAT-19 is the least powerful of the lot, beaming nearly 4GB data per second and use eight beams to accomplish the goal. GSAT-11 comes next with 13GB data transfer per second. GSAT-20 is the most powerful and will improve speeds drastically with data speeds of data rate of 60-70 GB per second using 40 beams (each having two polarisations, making them a total of 80 beams).

Apart from traditional internet usage, ISRO is pegging on the internet to take over multiple areas of life. The Internet is soon expected to come to even television with channels streaming programs only through the wireless net. While there are TV channels that make use of web platforms and apps to stream content, most TV in India continues to be aired through traditional satellite channels.

The number of internet users in the country is on the rise while the connectivity speeds leave a lot to be desired. India ranks much behind most Asian countries which are very fast in terms of internet connectivity. India also lags behind when it comes to providing public internet hotspot locations or public Wi-Fi. With ISRO’s new satellites, once the issue of speed is resolved, the organization is also hopeful of better internet facilities making their way to the masses.

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