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Save Word Documents as PDF Turn any printable document to PDF

Create Standard PDF files
Create 100% standard PDF files that can be viewed (or printed) using free PDF viewers (reader)
High-Quality searchable PDF
PDF Security and Document Protection
Document Information
PDF Links Support
Send PDF via Email
PDF Watermarks - Private Profiles
Does not Require 3rd Party SoftwareOptimized File SizesFont Embedding, Graphics Resolution and Page Size Controls
International Character Support
Seamless integration into MS Word and Excel.

Create PDF files from absolutely any printable document

Emphasizing even more on the benefits of Adobe’s PDF document format is futile at this point, given the level of popularity it has reached.
Suffice to mention that it holds an important share of the market, and that it suits corporations and home users alike, although the target customer base for creating PDF is business-oriented due to the costs of the Adobe suite.

novaPDF is a virtual printer that can convert any printable document to PDF format. The application is available for testing with the limitation that you can’t get rid of the developer’s watermark at the end of each page. Removing the message requires paying the $49.95 fee.

Installation is smooth and eventless, with just a few stops to completion, for choosing the name of the printer and if you want it as an add-on for Microsoft Office (recommended if you have the suite on the system). No initial configuration is required in order to start converting any printable document to PDF.

The main panel holds only the option of browsing for the desired document (drag and drop is not supported, but you can automatically add a document via the “Print” function in its context menu) and starting the process.

novaPDF proves its flexibility in options by providing the possibility to customize the conversion settings for each individual document. Of course, there are the general settings of the application that govern all conversions, but should you need to lift restrictions for a particular file, or modify them, novaPDF delivers.

One of the biggest advantages of the application is its seamless integration in Microsoft Word and Excel, allowing you to save a Microsoft document as PDF. Microsoft interface is also the handiest place from where you can configure the virtual printer (printing preferences can also be set up from Devices and Printers applet in Control Panel). The list of tweaks and adjustments is comprehensive, totaling 13 different tabs.

Adding watermarks to the document, page layout configuration, PDF overlay properties (inserts a document onto an existing one), handling graphic compression for different image formats, fonts, document information, bookmark and URL detection, document save options, email sending, creating different profiles for the printer, these are all part of novaPDF virtual printer. It is an extensive list with options to fit even professional users.

All these options under the Preferences menu of the application may seem quite complicated, making an average user feel overwhelmed, but for an experienced user or for business use, all this is essential. For instance, you can include as many watermarks as you want, both image and text, with the possibility to set the exact position in the page, opacity, select the transparent color to be used, as well as the pages it should appear on. Live previewing of any modification you make prevents wasting time trying to find the best position or look of the watermark.

For documents with graphic content, novaPDF puts at your disposal settings for making the document as light as possible. Thusly, you can compress, downsample or convert to grayscale high color images. The predefined profiles available in the application are designed to make your task easier, but you can also adjust all the compression settings by configuring each and every option to your needs.

JPEG and ZIP are the supported compression methods that feature multiple levels (maximum, high, medium, low and minimum), which are directly responsible for the size of the resulting PDF document. Downsampling works the same way, only this time, you have to choose the right filter (Box, Bilinear, B-Spline, Bicubic, Catmull-Rom or Lanczos). In the case of image conversion, novaPDF lets you choose between grayscale or monochrome, with dithering algorithms such as Floyd & Steinberg error diffusion, Bayer ordered dispersed dot 4x4, Bayer ordered dispersed dot 8x8, Ordered clustered dot 6x6, Ordered clustered dot 8x8, Ordered clustered dot 16x16. If you are still learning your way with these, I suggest leaving the default settings or spend some time with some trial and error learning.

Security tab holds the permission options the owner of the document grants a user. PDFs created with novaPDF can benefit either from low (40-bit) or high encryption (128-bit) when it comes to protection. As for the restrictions that can be imposed, there is printing, content altering, content copying, form filling or modifying annotations or assembling the document. If you do not wish the document to be viewed by anyone else but you, protect it with owner password. However, should the file be destined for a limited access, a user password (which requires owner countersign as well) has to be applied.

Personalizing a document with your own signature is yet another option in novaPDF designed to make the output PDF look professional. No need to fret if you do not have a signature because the application provides the possibility to create one based on the system certificate. And if you do not have one of these, you can also create one. All the data you wish to be visible in the signature has to be present in the certificate details. The location of the signature is also customizable in terms of size, opacity, as well as position in the page.

Other advantages included in novaPDF are the automatic detection of URLs and bookmarks (if the document you convert supports them). Of course, enabling their discovery in the document is entirely up to you.

As great as novaPDF features sound, we managed to pull out some drawbacks. These are minor inconveniences which, once fixed, will reduce the configuration time a user needs for the application. The setback consists of the fact that you cannot position elements such as signature or watermark in the page by simply dragging it in the preview area. As it is now, aligning of such elements requires typing in the number of millimeters, points or inches away from page edges.

Otherwise, novaPDF represents a great solution for converting any printable file to PDF. It is easy to work with, requires a minimum of effort from the user (most of which is invested in the initial configuration of the virtual printer) and Microsoft Office users will benefit from a seamless integration of the app in Word and Excel applications.

The Good

novaPDF is one of the easiest ways to convert your printable documents to PDF. The array of choices provided in the Printing Preferences panel of the program is versatile and pervasive, covering aspects such as personalizing the resulting file by watermarking it or applying a signature, as well as enforcing security against document alteration, printing or simply content copying.

It integrates in Word and Excel as if it were part of these Microsoft Office components. For a lighter PDF result, it permits you to fiddle with graphic compression. Links and bookmarks are detected automatically, making the PDF as easy to use as possible.

The Bad

Offering a little more flexibility when setting the position of a watermark or signature in the page would be really helpful to less technical users.

The Truth

novaPDF is a great instrument for getting all your printable documents into PDF. It is easy to work with and quite rich in options, providing security features, emailing options, graphic compression for a lighter output result, page layout, and multiple profiles to work with.

Download novaPDF Professional Desktop
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