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Sify’s entire suite of IP connectivity services, including Internet access to enterprise customers and MPLS-based IP-VPN services are IPv6 enabled

Chennai, May 28, 2009 : Sify Technologies Limited (Nasdaq National Markets: SIFY), a leader in Enterprise and Consumer Internet Services in India with global delivery capabilities, announced today that is the first commercial content portal in India to be IPv6 enabled. This makes Sify a first mover in testing and deployment of IPv6 technologies and its associated services in India.

Arvind Mathur, Chief Architect, Sify Technologies Limited, said, “The decreasing availability of IPv4 addresses makes it imperative for users to migrate to the IPv6 space eventually. As pioneers in services over IP in India, Sify has addressed this critical need to augment its IP address resources. Our capabilities in IPv6 migration are in line with our vision to develop future proof solutions for customers”.

Today, Sify’s entire suite of IP connectivity services, including Internet access to enterprise customers and MPLS-based IP-VPN services are IPv6 enabled. This ensures that Sify’s customers can transition and migrate from a basic IPv4 based network service to IPv6 Next Generation Network (NGN) with dual-stack [IPv6 & IPv4] support. Speaking about the migration process, Arvind said “Migration to IPv6 requires careful planning that adapts, integrates and helps co-exist with the current network environment”.

Sify has also been participating in various projects at international forums to encourage the adoption of IPv6.

Dr. Sathya Rao, Director of Telscom, Switzerland , coordinating the European funded co-operation project , 6CHOICE ( India-Europe Cooperation to promote IPv6 adoption;, said, “ We are very happy to have Sify, an early adopter of IPv6 in the provision of future IP services, as a partner in the project. We believe in their capabilities in adding value to 6CHOICE and to the Internet industry at large, and expect others to follow their initiative”.

A recent survey commissioned by APNIC and conducted by KPMG with 601 respondents from 44 different Asia Pacific economies has revealed that nearly two thirds of the respondents are not adequately prepared for the transition to IPv6. Calling for action on the issue, Arvind added “We urge all organizations integral to the Internet infrastructure to adopt IPv6 early-on so as to ensure a smooth migration, as well as to circumvent any potential scalability issues in the future”.

The IPv6 space has 340 undecillion addresses; APNIC has assigned Sify a 0.00000002% share, which by itself constitutes 79.22 octillion addresses.

The abundance of IPv6 addresses will help Sify roll-out consumer services supporting digital home networking, IP surveillance and other services supporting mobility based applications. Sify is currently working on IPv6 deployments that include Video Streaming over IPv6 networks and enabling Mobile phones to support IPv6 applications.


6CHOICE is an European Commission funded project to promote IPv6 adoption towards future Internet services, with partners from Europe and India.6CHOICE will promote IPv6 awareness among the stakeholders (Internet Service providers, National policy organizations, research and educational institutions) through multiple workshops, training events and joint experiments involving IPv6 networks, services and applications. The educational package can be downloaded from the project website “” hosted by Sify.

About Sify

Sify is among the largest Managed Enterprise and Consumer Internet Services companies in India, offering end-to-end solutions with a comprehensive range of products delivered over a common telecom data network infrastructure reaching 500+ cities and towns in India.

A significant part of the company’s revenue is derived from Corporate Services, which include corporate connectivity, network and communications solutions, security, network management services, enterprise applications and hosting. Sify is recognized as an ISO 9001:2000 certified service provider for network operations, data center operations and customer support, and for provisioning of VPNs, Internet bandwidth, VoIP solutions and integrated security solutions, and ISO 27001 certified for Internet Data Center operations. Sify has licenses to operate NLD (National Long Distance) and ILD (International Long Distance) services and offers VoIP back haul to long distance subscriber telephony services. The company is India’s first enterprise managed services provider to launch a Security Operations Center (SOC) to deliver managed security services. A host of blue chip customers use Sify’s corporate service offerings.

Consumer services include broadband home access, dial up connectivity and the e-port cybercafé chain across 249 cities and towns. the consumer portal of Sify has sub portals like,, and,,, the city based live video on the web. The content is available in 5 Indian languages, which include Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.
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