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Single Solution C-band LNBF Input Frequency Limitation
Dear Friends,

I have noticed that local markets are flooded with C-band LNBFs with Input Frequency range starting from 3.7GHz, which means transponders with frequencies less than 3.7GHz will not be scanned or received at all. So you will miss out many channels from those transponders.

This issue is seen more in Single Solution C-band LNBFs, commonly used by Cable Operators and MSOs.

So please note that the Input Frequency Range should be from 3.4GHz to 4.2GHz (3400MHz to 4200MHz).

Do not buy the LNBF with narrow range, even if the dealer offers it at a cheaper price.

Sample of 3.7GHz LNBF:

[Image: udzo2vj6lah3s6muwu7.jpg]

Normal C-band Dual Polarity LNBF:

[Image: b6ymgrzr5kt66q376gg2.jpg]
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What is price of above lnbf?

Is it with scalar ring / without scalar ring?

When scalar ring is needed?

What is mesh hole?

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(12-22-2011, 03:43 PM)MAX Wrote: What is price of above lnbf? Price varies between Rs300 to Rs400

Is it with scalar ring / without scalar ring? Scalar Ring comes with it in the pack. This is with the scalar ring.

When scalar ring is needed? Scalar Ring is needed to fix the LNBF on the LNB arm of the dish or the 3 holding rods. Scalar Ring also allows to adjust the distance between the dish and the LNBF

What is mesh hole? Mesh holes are the tiny holes in the net type of panels used on the ribs of the dish.


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