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Slack Mini Server 1.4.3 Features LZMA Support
[Image: slackminiserver143featu.jpg]

The Slack Mini Server (SMS) Project team announced today, May 11th, the immediate availability of Slack Mini Server 1.4.3, a Slackware-based Linux distribution. An important change was made to the package format, now .txz (lzma), dramatically reducing the size of the distribution. The Slack Mini Server repository will continue to use the old .tgz format to prevent any compatibility conflicts.

"This will be probably the last SMS version with the kernel, since we will follow the slackware-current changelog." was stated in the official release announcement.

Highlights of Slack Mini Server 1.4.3:

· The MailScanner was upgraded to version 4.76.24-3;
· ClamAV reached version 0.95.1;
· CUPS 1.3.10;
· Dovecot 1.1.14;
· Fetchmail 6.3.9;
· Postfix was upgraded to version 2.5.6;
· Applied a security fix for gnutls 2.6.2;
· Samba 3.3.4;
· Hylafax 5.2.9;
· Less was upgraded to version 418;
· The Webmin interface was updated to version 1.470;
· Udev was updated and is now at version 141;
· Tar 1.22;
· phpMyAdmin 3.1.4;
· phpLDAPAdmin;
· OpenLDAP 2.4.16;
· The Gutenprint 5.2.3 printer drivers were added;
· Foomatic Filters 4.0;
· At 3.1.10 and Xz 4.999.8 Beta;
· The default locale is now en_US.UTF-8;
· Wvdial 1.60 and Wvstreams 4.4.1;
· Pkgtools now support .txz packages;
· Lsof 4.78.

New packages were also added to the Extra CD: OpenBravo Directory, OpenBravoERP 2.40, Apache Ant 1.7.1, Apache Tomcat 6.0.18, JDK and JRE 6u11, PostgreSQL 8.3.7 and NDISwrapper 1.5.4.

About Slack Mini Server

Slack Mini Server (SMS) is a Linux server distribution designed to be configured and maintained through a web interface (Webmin). It comes with many powerful server tools like Apache 2, Sendmail, Postifx, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Squid, MySQL, iptables, MailScanner or CUPS. The server can run directly from the CD or can be permanently installed on the HDD. Another cool feature that will appeal to regular users too is TorrentFlux, a BitTorrent client that allows torrents to be handled from anywhere.

Download Slack Mini Server 1.4.3 right now from here.

Slack Mini Server 1.4.3 (ISO)

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