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SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 Released - Still small, still fast
[Image: hwfq75.png]

The SliTaz team proudly announced last evening the immediate availability of the SliTaz 2.0, a minimalistic Linux distribution. The new version comes after thirteen months of hard work and includes many bug fixes, as well as significant new features. So, if you're wondering what's new in SliTaz 2.0, let us tell you that it can handle various new pieces of hardware (such as Wireless devices), support for Windows drivers, support for web boot, the Openbox window manager and a lot of new system utilities. Not to mention the fact that SliTaz is still one of the smallest and fastest Linux distributions around.

Being powered by an LZMA-patched Linux kernel, SliTaz 2.0 offers support for the EXT3 and EXT2 filesystems, SCSI, IDE and many network/sound cards. The old JWM desktop was replaced by the extremely fast Openbox window manager.

"Technical support is provided to users via the mailing list and the official forum. The "SliTaz Handbook" is an instructive manual on how to use and finely configure the system. SliTaz can be updated easily via the graphic installer or by using the simple and fast text installer. SliTaz can also be installed to your hard drive, or used with USB media – with "TazUSB" or the GUI "TazUSBbox" you are only a few simple commands away from a fully formatted and configured USB device, ready to boot." - said the SliTaz Linux team in the official release announcement.

Among the applications installed in SliTaz Linux 2.0 we can notice: Mozilla Firefox, gFTP, Grsync, LostIRC, Transmission, GParted, PCMan File Manager, mtPaint, Gcolor2, Alsamixer, Alsaplayer, Asunder, Jamendo, mhWaveEdit, Geany, ePDFView, NoteCase, Osmo Organizer, Figaro's Password Manager, ISO Master, Leafpad, Nano, Parcellite, XArchiver and many more.

About SliTaz

SliTaz is a minimalist Live CD Linux distribution, a 100% FREE operating system that doesn't need a hard drive to run, and which can also be easily installed. It runs completely in memory and can be booted from a CD-ROM or a USB flash drive. Did we say how small it was? Believe it or not, SliTaz Linux provides a lot of applications, nice desktop effects and even a ready-to-use web server in no more than a 30 MB ISO image!

Download SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 right now from here.

SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 (ISO)

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