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Snake Temple [Malaysia].
Probably the only one of its kind, in the world, the Snake Temple, in Penang, Malaysia, is home to bothe people and some of the most dangerous snakes on Earth.

Located at Sungai Kluang, on Penang Island, the Snake Temple is also known as Temple of the Azure Cloud or Pure cloud Temple, in honor of Penang’s beautiful skies. It’s a safe haven for pit vipers, said to be servants of Chor Soo Kong, the resident deity of the temple. According to legend, Chor Soo Kong, who was a Chinese monk and healer, once offered shelter to the snakes of the jungle, who then started coming in of their own free will. Thousands of devotees travel to the Snake Temple of Penang, every year, and they aren’t bothered by the dozens of venomous snakes coiled around the temple. Some say it’s the work of Chor Soo Kong, while others believe pit vipers, known as one of the most aggressive snake species, are made drowsy by the smoke of the incense burning in the temple.

Unfortunately, the snake population of the Penang Snake Temple has decreased constantly, due to the urbanization of the area. If you’re brave enough to enter, you should know there’s no admission fee.

[Image: snaketemplepenang10.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang9.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang8.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang7.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang6.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang5.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang4.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang3m.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang2.jpg]

[Image: snaketemplepenang.jpg]

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