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Software Upgrade For HomeCast:: Follow This Procedure
No Software Upgrade For HomeCast:: Follow This Procedure
1.Do the factory reset
2.Again go to factory reset and dont Press OK instead of OK Press 7799
3.New window will come
4.In that screen move to last line LOAD CHANNEL then press ok it will show please wait

Here Is A Catch... Without Modifying AnyThing You Can Use HOMECAST As FTA Receiver Else

5.Then go to manual scan
6.Now You can able to edit home tp with 12316h 30000 sym fec 5/6
7.Start scan
8.You will get MEASAT channels.
Dont Forget To Align Before Entering Values For Getting FULL SUN DIRECT Service....

Thanks To A Person.... I Have Just Reproduced This... Sorry Didnt Take His Permission
[Image: izvqcn.jpg]

wIcKeD mEnTaLiTy
Thanks given by:
Just give credit to him by quoting his name in short. like thanx to prabhu or sadiq :mdr:
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Here is the procedure with Screenshots.

1. Go to Advanced Menu and select Restore Factory Default and Press 7799 (IMP: Don't press OK, Just press 7799 when Factory Reset is highlighted)

[Image: 0818203505composite.jpg]

2. New window will come, In that screen move to last line "LOAD CHANNEL", then press OK.

[Image: 0818203532composite.jpg]

3. It will show Please wait!! message

[Image: 0818203538composite.jpg]

4. After that it will return back to Advanced Menu.

5. Then go to Installation Menu ->Enter Password (0000) -> Dish -> Satellite -> Select "91.5E Ku-Measat 1" -> OK (Imp. Don't forget to align before entering values for getting full SUN DIRECT service)

[Image: 0818203635composite.jpg]

6. Now go to Transponder -> Select New TS -> Enter (TP - 12316H, Symbol Rate - 30000, FEC - 5/6) -> Select (12316H 30000 5/6) -> OK

[Image: 0818203705composite.jpg]

7. Then go to Auto Scan

[Image: 0818203708composite.jpg]

8. Click on Start Scan

[Image: 0818203806composite.jpg]

8. You will get all Sun Direct channels available from MEASAT 3.
Thanks given by:
Power Off I Mean Box Is Restarted Then Card Is Being Refreshed and Again It Shows Services Scrambled... REPEAT The Procedure....
[Image: izvqcn.jpg]

wIcKeD mEnTaLiTy
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Yes you are right, once the box is restarted all the channels stored manually gets erased and we have to do the procedure again to get the channels back.
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It worked.....
Thanks given by:
can u please guide me how to do the MEASAT 3 setup in coship setup box....and am living in abu dhabi........
Thanks given by:
i have a coship stp. the download not complete i arrange the dish for mesat location,but i don't know how to modify receiver.
there is no advance installation option is Installation.pls help me how to do that.can i try the above procedure which already given
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#9 me !!!
i am not getting all the channels!!!
i can see mtv and channel v!!!
these channels are removed from my channel list!!!
for information i am using DSB-B580R STB!!
what can i do now???
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channels some times reset after power off th stb, then again automatically scan with insat 4b, not measat. why?
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