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Solid HDS2-2100 STB Old and New Remote Control comparison
The first one is new remote, the second one is old remote for Solid HDS2-2100 MPEG4 DVB-S2 HD fta set-top box.
Here is Old and New Remote Control comparison:

The layout of the buttons is more or less same with button function text on the remote not there at some places.
[Image: ibyOuQ3zwDvRWm.JPG]

TV/SAT button is in place of ASP (Aspect Ratio 16:9/4:3)
Find is in place of Back, TV/R is replaced by Back (Alternate channel) button, TV/R button is in place of EPG.
[Image: ibzn9UYEdXSNOi.JPG]

CH+/CH- , VOL+/VOL- is now written on the four-way buttons instead of the arrows. Info-Sat button takes place of DVR List-File List. Guide (EPG) is in Info buttons place
[Image: iPeTs2M0jppCY.JPG]

Aha ... the DVR section is also changed a bit...with icons on the coloured buttons. The four coloured buttons are having additional features like Zoom, Timer etc.
[Image: iiNVCFwNKMtv2.JPG]

New remote:
[Image: ieIxyNWv4M29d.JPG]

Old remote:
[Image: ibunGrRjGaivBl.JPG]
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Neat and nice comparison. :happy:

The new model remote looks good. :jump:
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Good Update
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hi vinai kumar,wear available this ReMOTe?and prize?
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