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Sun Direct Info Message about technical problem of Insat 4B @ 93.5E
[Image: sundirectinfo2.jpg]
[Image: sundirectinfo1.jpg]
[Image: sundirectinfo.jpg]

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Presently only One single TP (11645, Vertical, 20000) of Sun Direct is working.

Channels presently available from Sun Direct single working TP & DD Direct Plus TP's.

Info Channel
Sun TV
Sun Music
Adithya TV
Kaliagnar TV
DD Podhigai
Mega TV
Star Vijay
Gemini TV
Teja TV
ETV Telugu
Maa TV
DD Saptagiri
ABN Andhrajyothy
Surya TV
Kiran TV
DD Malayalam
Udaya TV
Udaya Movies
DD Chandana
DD National
Shakti TV
DD India
DD Bharti
Zee Smile
STAR Ustav
Care World TV
DD Sports
DD Gyan Darshan
DD News
DW-TV Asia+
IBN Lokmat
P7 News
News 24
DD Lok Sabha
DD Rajya Sabha
Total TV
Chardikla Time TV
PTC News
Azad News
B4U Music
Music India
DD Kolkata
DD Odia
DD Urdu
DD Sahyadri
DD Girnar
DD Punjabi
Mahuaa TV
DD Srinagar
DD Guwahati
News Live
Aastha TV
Zee Jagran
NHK World
Russia Today
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Watch pay channels Colors, ESPN, HBO, STAR Vijay, ETV Telugu and Maa TV for free in Sun Direct.

[Image: colorsx.jpg]
[Image: espnn.jpg]
[Image: hbo.jpg]
[Image: starvijay.jpg]
[Image: etvb.jpg]
[Image: maatv.jpg]

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Thanks for the Updates with the Pics Mr.Sathish,:up:

Hope Insat 4B is corrected soon:up: So SD customers now can enjoy ESPN free of cost!:jump:
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ISRO experts team working on this problem
Will be sorted out soon
Only after restoration of signal the reset STB can be corrected
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What ever, but its crazy guys.... Its almost Two days now, SD is having this problem, and they are still showing it will be resumed shortly.
No news channel (English - NDTV, CNN, or timesnow) is airing. Am wondering, why its only for SD, i believe all other service providers, like TS, Dish etc. not having any problem.

SD should atleast have some back up or options, to sort out such issues quickly....

Hope it will be fixed soon.
Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.. for tomorrow never comes.. live today!!!
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A clear report on the issue
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Here is the complete report.

Indian Communications Satellite Suffers Power Glitch

July 9 (Bloomberg) -- INSAT-4B, an Indian communications satellite launched in 2007 by Arianespace, suffered a power glitch on July 7 forcing a shutdown of half of its transponder capacity, the national space agency said today.

A team of scientists is studying how to restore services through “partial utilization” of some of the satellite’s 24 transponders, the Indian Space Research Organization said in an e-mailed statement in Bangalore.

A transponder is a communications component that receives a signal and resends it at a different frequency, allowing near- instantaneous transmission between distant points on the earth’s surface. Transponders are used for television broadcasting.

INSAT-4B will mainly be used by state-run television broadcaster Doordarshan and Sun Direct TV Pvt. for direct-to- home services, the space agency’s marketing unit’s executive director, Sridhar Murthy said in 2007.

“Doordarshan’s services are going on as normal,” Chief Engineer R.K. Jain said in a phone interview from New Delhi today. “The transponders on which we have our services are working okay. Only a few, which were used for DTH operations, got affected and we have other capacity.”

Billionaire Kalanithi Maran, whose family owns 80 percent of Sun Direct, was not immediately reachable on his office phone. Malaysia’s Astro Group owns the remaining stake in Sun Direct.

India launched its first space rocket in 1963 and its first satellite in 1975. The country’s satellite program has launched 21 orbiters, of which 11 are currently in service.

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Scientists working to right power snag in Indian satellite

CHENNAI: Scientists of the Indian space agency Friday are working to fix the power snag that switched off 12 transponders of the INSAT-4B communications satellite Wednesday night and restore services to some television channels and telecom operators.

A transponder is a communication component that receives a signal and sends it back at a different frequency, allowing near- instantaneous transmission between distant points on the earth's surface.

An official of the Indian Space Reserch Organisation (ISRO) said the power glitch looked like the one happened to W2M satellite built by the space agency for Eutelsat Communications in January.

"The problem INSAT-4B seems to be similar to the one that affected W2M satellite co-built by ISRO and EADS Astrium when in orbit. It is good that the INSAT-4B satellite is under ISRO's control so that efforts on setting right the snag can go on," he told.

The 3.4 tonne W2M, the heaviest built by ISRO, launched by Ariane5 rocket from French Guyana in December 2008 developed problem in its power supply sub-systems when it was being transferred to its intended orbit from the test orbit and Eutelsat later said the satellite is not available for service.

An expert team is looking at the possibilities of partial utilization of some of the INSAT-4B transponders that were switched off.

"The team is working to restore the services at the earliest," said S. Satish, director (Publications and Public Relations), ISRO, from Bangalore over phone.

There was a power supply anomaly in one of the satellite's two solar panels and six Ku Band and six C-Band transponders of the satellite got switched off, he said.

He also said ISRO is working out contingency measures so that the transponder leasees- television channels and telecom operators- are not affected.

"ISRO has 209 transponders under its INSAT satellite family and we are looking at the possibility of transferring INSAT-4B clients whose services are affected," he added.

The INSAT-4B carries a total of 24 communication transponders (12 Ku-Band and 12 C-Band) and has been in operation since March 2007.

The three-tonne satellite was launched by Ariane5 rocket from French Guyana in 2007 with a mission life of 12 years.

The power problem in INSAT-4B has occured at a time when ISRO is setting its foot in the global satellite manufacturing market.

ISRO's another satellite INSAT-2D became inoperable in 1997 due to an anomaly in its power systems.

However, the successful operation of the to be launched Hylas communication satellite built by ISRO/EADS Astrium for the Britain- based Avanti Communications is expected to clear any doubts of India's capability in satellite manufacturing.

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send me the transponder details for these above channel.
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