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Tamil and English Movie Schdule - DD Podhigai and Tamil TV Channels
Dont Miss "Thirupathi" & "Ennai Thalatta Varuvala" On Dec 26, 2009

Kalaignar Tv & Raj Digital Plus are telecasting Ajith's movies on Dec 26, 2009

[Image: thirupathikalaignar.jpg]

Dont miss Ajith's "THIRUPATHI" starring Ajith and Sadha, today evening (Dec 26, 2009) in Kalaignar Tv at 04:00 PM IST

[Image: etvrajdigital.jpg]

Dont miss Ajith's "ENNAI THALATTA VARUVALA" starring Ajith, Vignesh and Reshma tonight (Dec 26, 2009) in Raj Digital Plus Channel at 08:30 PM IST
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[Image: STAR_Vijay.jpg]

Snow Dogs (film)@1500hrs today

[Image: Snow_dogs.jpg]

Directed by Brian Levant

Produced by Casey Grant, Jordan Kerner

Written by Gary Paulsen (book),Jim Kouf,Tommy Swerdlow, Michael Goldberg, Mark Gibson,Philip Halprin

Starring Cuba Gooding Jr.,James Coburn ,Nichelle Nichols ,Joanna Bacalso, Sisqo
Music by John Debney

Cinematography Thomas E. Ackerman

Editing by Roger Bondelli

Distributed by Buena Vista

Release date(s) January 18, 2002 (USA)

Running time 99 min.

Language English

Budget $33,000,000


Theodore "Ted" Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a dentist in Miami, Florida. His picture appears on city buses, in ads promoting his dental practice. When he receives a letter from Alaska one day naming him as the only heir of a Lucy Watkins, his mother reveals that he is adopted. Brooks travels to the village of Tolketna, Alaska, to claim his inheritance left by his late birth mother - seven Siberian Huskies and a Border Collie - and discovers his roots. Totally out of his element, he has to face challenges he has never dreamed of: blizzards, thin ice, an intimidating, crusty old mountain man called Thunder Jack (played by James Coburn in one of his final roles), and the aggressive, defiant lead dog, Demon. All of this happens with the buzzing excitement of the Arctic Challenge Sled Dog Race which is only two weeks away.
During his stay in Tolketna, Brooks tries to find the reason he was given up for adoption, including any information about his father. Ted meets a barmaid named Barb who was a friend of his late birth mother Lucy. She helps Ted deal with the dogs and teaches him how to drive a sled, and falls in love with him during the course of the movie. Ted continues to encounter Thunder Jack, who wants all of his late mother's sled dogs, especially Demon. (Lucy was once a winner of the Arctic Challenge.)
Eventually Brooks learns from Barb that Thunder Jack is his real father. Brooks feels that the truth is worth the dogs themselves, and trades them to Thunder Jack. Jack tells Ted that he and Lucy stayed in a cave during one of the Arctic Challenges. It is there that Ted was conceived. Lucy leaves after the race and gives Ted up for adoption.
With Demon, Thunder Jack takes part in the Arctic Challenge Race but is unable to finish it because of a storm. Meanwhile Brooks, who has returned home to Miami, is learning that his personal journey isn't yet finished. Infuriated by evidence found proving that Thunder Jack was at the hospital when he was born, Brooks returns to Alaska looking for answers. When he learns of the missing musher and his team, he feels that this may be the opportunity to save a man, and perhaps find out the whole truth once and for all.
Brooks sets out to rescue his father, with Nana as the lead dog. He finds Jack in the old cave, who confirms that he had been there when Ted was born. Jack reveals that they agreed then that neither one of them could raise a baby, and confesses his love for Lucy. Ted finds out the reason for Demon's bad temper is the pain caused by a bad tooth. He pulls it out and Demon becomes a friendly dog. During the journey back, the sled nearly goes over a cliff into a river but the dogs pull it back up. Ted brings Jack across the finish line.
Ted and Barb get married and Nana and Demon have four puppies. Now having grown to love the region, Brooks moves his practice to it with his wife, who is pregnant at the end of the film, as his secretary.
The movie ends with Ted's cousin Rupert becoming the new famous Miami dentist with his face on every bus.
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b]1.Sun TV[/b]

[Image: Sun_TV_India.png]

Mayandi Kudumbathar@1700hrs,Today

[Image: poster.jpg]

Starring: Tharun Gopi, Manivannan, Rajkapoor, G M Kumar, Ponvannan, Seeman, Singam Puli, Ravi Maria, Nandha Periyasamy, Jaghannath, Thamizharasi, Poongodi

Direction: Rasumadhuravan

Music: Sabesh Murali

Production: United Arts

[Image: new-mayandi-kudumbathar-stills20.jpg]


[Image: mayandi-kudumbathar-stills35.jpg]

In the age of nuclear families and live-in relationships, Mayandi Kudumbathar attempts to emphasize the significance of familial bonds still symbolized by India and entwined in the lives of people in rural Tamil Nadu. Since families and their intimacies, egos and misgivings are in the focus, there is plenty of room for sentiments, which of course means heaps of wet-tissues for the viewer. And Mayandi Kudumbathar does just that - makes you whimper, sob and attempt to contain tears in between the scenes. That is not to say that the movie is completely unwatchable. It is. Only if you fancy watching a gloomy tale of a yearning younger brother’s attempts to get love from his family, after losing his father.

Although Mayandi Kudumbathar boasts of 11 directors, including the one behind the camera, only Rasu Maduravan has handled the story and the screenplay. We assume that he must have had a hard time writing the story interspersed with depressing monologues and tearjerker scenes. The layered story also reminds us often of the sitcoms that has the never-ending-miseries of human beings on their focus.

[Image: mayandi-kudumbathar-stills04.jpg]

Manivannan and G M Kumar are brothers whose families, erstwhile together and happy, split owing to a property dispute. They harbor revenge at each other which results in endless scuffles between the families. Manivannan dies of electric shock leaving his four sons of which the younger one, Tarun Gopi. Tarun is particularly the favorite of Manivannan since he raised him from the time of his wife’s death, after Tarun’s birth. Tarun is now left to fend for himself with the unloving wives of his brothers Ponvannan, Seeman and Jegan. Adding salt to the already sore wound is his girl friend’s unexpected wedding with someone else.

Thus, left with no choice but loneliness in the big bad world, Tarun sets out to earn love from his family. His brothers, although loving, could extend little help since they are henpecked. Tarun finally wins the love of one of his sisters-in-law and things start to get better after that. Now the question remains whether he can bring back the love of his uncle G M Kumar as well.

The often disheartening saga is also sprinkled with a comedy track, tolerably executed by Singampuli and Mayilsamy. All the director-actors have done complete justice to their roles while Tarun Gopi seems to have ‘tried his best’. That is comprehensible, as acting and directing are two different things - what they say about things being ‘poles apart’. And the girls in the lead Tamilarasi and Poongodi are convincing.

The Kalavani song glimmers in Sabesh Murali’s music and has the potential to be a hit. Besides, Vijay Jesudas’s song moistens many eyes, just like the proceedings of the movie. Dialogues are sentimental and some of them hard-hitting – like the ones where Seeman expresses to a friend his inability in helping his brother.

Mayandi Kudumbathar is not probably for those who are city-bred. But if you appreciate the so-called ‘family movies’ that could be watched with families and do not mind a heavy dose of tearjerker sentiment, then you might just like this one.

Verdict: Of relationships and bonds
[Image: indiandthsig.php]
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New Year Special Movies On Tamil TV Channels:

' Silambattam' only on your Kalaignar TV

1st JAN 2010


6.00 PM

SILAMBATTAM (Tamil: சிலம்பாட்டம்)

[Image: Silambattam_Cover.jpg]

Release date(s): 18 December 2008

Starring: Silambarasan, Sneha, Sana Khan, Prabhu, Santhanam, Kishore, Nedumudi Venu, Premji Amaren, Karunaas, Ponvannan, Manobala, Kannal Kannan

Written and Direction by : Saravanan

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography by Mathi

Editing by Donmax

[Image: new-Silambattam-stills04.jpg]

Kanal Kannan for the Stunts

M. Prabhakar as the Art direction

Vaali, Gangai Amaran, Earl, Suzi Q, Na. Muthukumar, Silambarasan as the Lyricists

Anu Vardhan for Costume designer

Production: Lakshmi Movie Makers Limited

Produced by K. Muralidharan, V. Swaminathan, T. S. Rangarajan

Distributed by Lakshmi Movie Makers (India),
Ayngaran (Worldwide)

Budget : $2 million


2009 Isaiyaruvi Tamil Music Awards

[Image: new-Silambattam-gallery-01.jpg]

Best Dancer - Silambarasan

Rising Star Lyricist - Silambarasan - "Where is the Party"

Best Remix Song of the Year - Yuvan Shankar Raja - "Vechukkava"

Crazy Song of the Year - Yuvan Shankar Raja - "Where is the Party"

Sensational Youth Album - Yuvan Shankar Raja - Silambattam

Best Choreography - Robert

2009 ITFA

Best New Actress - Sana Khan

[Image: Silambattam-stills-1.jpg]


Silambattam is a typical mass masala entertainer. It is another 'Formulaic' film revolving around a larger than life hero, who romances, does comedy, speaks only in punchlines, has deep sentimental bond with his family, and is a one-man fighting machine who emerges triumphant in the end!

The tested formula has worked wonders for an array of young stars who were inspired largely by the Superstar Rajinikanth. Simbu also wants to be a popular mass hero and the route he has taken is doing such films which appeals to a large section of Tamil audiences who doesn't enjoy films that test's intellect and imagination.

There is nothing original about the story; it has been etched from various Tamil, Telugu and an old Hindi film. What makes the film watchable is the packaging, which moves at a rapid pace, though at times this 2 hour 45 minute film tests your patience.

Vichu (Simbu) is an appavi (innocent) temple priest who is brought up by his grandfather (Nedumudi Venu) as a coward. Janu (Sana Khan), his neighbour, a talkative, pretty Brahmin girl is crazy about Vichu but she wants him to be brave and smart. But behind the coy and innocence, our hero Vichu has another side to him. Like an elephant he does not know his strength and soon he uses it against some local goons who come in his way.

Dorai Singam (Kishore) a local MLA who is a thug, lords over the area and he wants to take procession of villagers land for building a beer factory. His rival Muthuvel (Prabhu) who was in jail comes out and crosses sword with Dorai. But Vichu intervenes and he beats Dorai’s men single-handedly. Muthvel is shocked to see Vichu who has a striking resemblance with his younger brother Tamizh(Simbu) who was killed by Dorai. What is the connection between Tamizh and Vichu? All the drama unfolds in the second half.

Actually the first half is a bit slow with Santhanam’s crude comedy and the romance of Vichu and Janu . After the censors gave more than a dozen cuts and an UA certificate, the film still reeks of double entendre, crude gags, crass toilet jokes, and lots of blood and gore. But the story gains tempo and unfolds in a racy manner in the latter half with a well-shot Tamizh’s introductory song and his cute romance with Gayathri (Sneha).

Silambattam is not devoid of faults – Double meaning dialogues, the girls massaging Panchamritham on Vichu’s body and excessive violence when a 10-year-old is on a killing spree and songs pushed into the narrative in the first half.

The scenes that stand out are the lead to the climax, when Vichu in Billa get-up meets the villain and the punchlines that follow are a scream, Karunas subtle comedy that evokes laughter, the beautiful visuals atop a train with Tamizh-Gayathri romance, pleasing photography by Saravanan, action scenes by Kanal Kannan, spunky choreography and Yuvan’s songs and background score are noteworthy.

Simbu dances like a dream and shines in this film with a performance that is measured and meticulous. As the cheerily upbeat Tamizh and the innocent Vichu he invests an equal amount of energy and style. Sana Khan looks lovely and makes an earnest attempt in the acting department too but in a film like this, that's plenty effort. Sneha does her bit with grace while Prabhu is just ok. Kishore is menacing as the villain.

On the whole, it’s a decent masala entertainer aimed at mass audiences.

Verdict – Silambattam – Nothing special , just Mass Masala

[Image: silambattam-stills02.jpg]

Note: The Movie Schedule may be change at last moment.
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New Year Special Movies On Tamil TV Channels:

' The Myth' only on your STAR VIJAY

[Image: STAR_Vijay.jpg]

[Image: jackie_chan-the_myth-screen01.jpg]

1st JAN 2010


1.30 PM

The Myth - Hong Kong film

Release date(s): 11 May 2005

Director: Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai

Producer: Willie Chan, Solon So, Barbie Tung

Writer: Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai, Wang Hui-Ling, Li Hai-Shu

Action: Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai, Jackie Chan, Richard Hung

Cast: Jackie Chan, Kim Hee-Sun, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Mallika Sherawat, Yu Rong-Guang, Choi Min-Soo, Patrick Tam Yiu-Man, Ken Wong Hap-Hei, Sun Zhou, Shao Bing, Jin Song, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Hayama Hiro


Story of Meng Yi

General Meng Yi is tasked to escort the Korean Princess Ok-Soo from her homeland of Korea to China, where she will become a concubine of the Qin Emperor. On their journey from Korea, she falls into constant dangers. Especially from a Korean general, who wants both to save her from being a concubine and to marry her. Each time she was rescued from the general by Meng Yi. Eventually, the princess had fallen in love with Meng Yi, and had no problem displaying her feelings to him. However, Meng Yi honors his duty to the Qin Emperor, and successfully completed his mission.

Later, the Qin Emperor becomes very ill, but succeeds in finding the immortality elixir. But the guards escorting the elixir are ambushed by rebels. Meng Yi pursues the rebels with his troops and wages a fierce battle. He doesn't know that a conspiracy has already been hatched by the prince and prime minister, followed by a coup d'état burying the emperor alive. Although slain in battle, Meng Yi manages to hand over the elixir to his deputy, Nangong Yan. Sadly, Nangong Yan and Ok-Soo are accused as rebels by the conspirators. As punishment, they are forced to drink the immortality elixir and are then thrown into the great mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, to live imprisoned forever. The Emperor who wanted to live could not live, and Ok-Soo who wanted to die could never die.

[Image: The_Myth_film.jpg]

Story of Jack

Jack is the reincarnation of Meng Yi and works as a modern day archeologist. He often dreams himself as a general, rescuing a far-away princess from danger. One day, William (Tony Leung Ka Fai), a friend of his who works for a secret foundation, asks him to find a rare material as a favor. This rare material has the ability to make a field of zero gravity. His travels take him to the floating tomb of a Dassar King in India, where he finds a sword related to his past life. Apparently, in the past life, Jack as Meng Yi fought a Dassar King over the emperor's concubine Ok-Soo. To honor this fight, the two warriors agree to exchange their swords. The sword Jack finds floating beside the floating coffin of the Dassar King is indeed that of Meng Yi. Jack's friend, William causes some trouble in the tomb by removing a piece of rare material from a statue. This action causes the zero gravity field inside the tomb to collapse, bringing down the floating coffin and sword. When the coffin smashes to the ground, its lid opens and a painting of Ok-Soo is revealed, attached to the lid of the coffin.
Jack is then chased by the sect members and the police. After being left by William, who flees in a helicopter, Jack jumps over a high cliff into a river. He loses consciousness and drifts along the stream until an Indian princess, Samantha (Mallika Sherawat) rescues him.

Samantha takes him to her uncle, a teacher of Indian martial arts (Kalaripayattu), who enlightens him about his past and future. During a sword match with a local warrior, Jack has a vision of the past match between Meng Yi and the Dassar King.
After saving Jack from the police, Samantha helps him escape back to his home. At home, Jack delivers the sword to China National Museum, as a National Treasure. This angers the leader of secret organization that has been funding Jack and William's adventure in search of the anti-gravitational material.

[Image: the20myth.jpg]


After extensive research, it is determined that the anti-gravitational material is actually fragments of a meteorite that fell to Earth in the time of the Qin Dynasty. Jack and William also discover the exact location of the legendary emperor's tomb, which is hidden behind a great waterfall. This massive tomb is believed to contain the largest fragment of the meteorite, the power of which is great enough to enable the ancient Chinese to build a floating palace, intended to be the imperial palace for the Qin emperor in his afterlife.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Jack is able to reach the location of the emperor's tomb, where he meets Ok-Soo and Nangong Yan. The two immortals believe that Jack is Meng Yi and greet him.

At the same time, the party of intruders led by the leader of the secret organization -- who, years ago, had been Jack's professor and is now his main rival -- enters the tomb. He insists that Ok-Soo relinquish the immortality pill. Yan refuses the demand by stating that nothing will be taken away from the emperor's tomb. A large aerial fight begins, raging between the two parties.

William, trying to collect a sample of the meteorite, pulls out a piece from a statue. His actions break the balance of the zero-gravity field and the emperor's tomb collapses in on itself.

As he heads for the exit of the main chamber, Jack asks Ok-Soo to come with him. Ok-Soo refuses his offer since, having heard William call his true name, she now knows that Jack is not Meng Yi. She then flies back to the crumbling castle, where she holds her promise to await the return of the real Meng Yi. She does not know that Jack is actually the reincarnation of Meng Yi.

Just as the villain approaches the fortress to retrieve the pill, Nangong grabs the leader from under the steps as the staircase collapsed. In the end, they both perish.
William, who was trapped under a statue hurled at him during the fight, begins to drown in the flooding hole of mercury. Jack promises that their friendship is forever before William drowns within the mercury, paying the ultimate price for his previous habits in graverobbing.

At the last moment, Jack escapes through the closing gate, forever leaving his past life. Back at his houseboat, it is revealed that Jack wrote a book out of his experience, which he dedicates to William.

Box office

The Myth was released in Hong Kong on September 23, 2005, and earned a strong HK $6,230,000 in its first three days. It ended its run with HK $17 million, making it the third highest-grossing domestic release in Hong Kong that year.

Awards: 25th Hong Kong Film Awards

Nomination - Best Picture
Nomination - Best Action Design (Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai, Richard Hung)
Nomination - Best Original Song ("Endless Love", performed by Jackie Chan, Kim Hee-Sun)
Nomination - Best Visual Effects (Wendy Choi, David Tso)

Note: The Movie Schedule may be change at last moment.
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