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The focus will be on the struggle of the four widows in Woh Rehne Wali....
<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px;" src=""/>Sahara One and Rajshri Productions' Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki is now going through an emotional and heart breaking phase wherein all the four men of the house come home as dead bodies, leaving the four women shattered!!

The death sequence of the four brothers was aired yesterday, and the story will now focus on the manner in which the four widows react to the huge loss..

According to our source, "The ladies, Rani (Reena Kapoor), Menka (Bhairavi Raichura), Payal (Neha Desai) and Rajini (Preeti Chaudhury) are completely shaken with the death of their husbands. This will open up a new phase in their lives wherein the four widows will have to face lot many downs. And Rani who had earlier promised Rishabh (Karan Grover) that she would take the responsibility of the entire house in his absence stands tall amidst all the grief to fight the battle. While Rani is forced to accept all the responsibilities of the house, Menka gets into a guilt mode as she was the one who had forced her husband Dharam to get back home the same night. She develops this suicidal tendency and tries to kill herself at every possible occasion. On the other hand, Payal aka Neha Desai who has never had happy moments with her husband Varun is upset with the way her fate has turned out to be, and gets into an angry mode. Rajini aka Preeti Chaudhury misses her husband Jai so much that she starts to see him in everyone, and has literally lost her senses".

The story will now focus on the four ladies and the two kids of the house, and will bring their emotions into play. The various problems that a house faces when they do not have any male member in the family will be the major focus point of the show. Talking about few sequences that will be shown, our source states, "The widows will encounter a thief entering their house who is aware of the fact that the house has only ladies. Their business manager messes up with their finances, and they reach a point wherein they have to auction their house to meet the financial demands. Their relatives offer them a shoulder to cry on in order to get a hold on their property. They will reach a state wherein they will fear and shudder every second, and will also be seen huddled up during nights".

All these problems will only make Rani stronger and she will declare to all that they no longer share the Devrani-Jethani relationship, and now they are sisters who will face all hurdles together.

Confirming this, Producer Kavita Barjatya tells us, "The story will now focus on the struggle and survival of the four widows in a world where they have no male member to support them".

The entire unit seems to be missing the four male protagonists of the show, and as Kavita Barjatya aptly puts it, "This has been one of my best teams, and we really miss all the four men of the show. No one in my team was problematic, and I would love to work with the four of them sometime again".

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