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The longest-running Car-nama!!!!
Naming children can be a tricky procedure, with names constantly dropping in and out of fashion. And it's the same with cars; old names frequently come back into fashion. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Skoda Octavia, Fiat 500 and the ‘new’ MINI are a few such examples.

But what about those cars names that didn't have to come back into fashion because they never went out of vogue in the first place? Here we pay tribute to 10 long running car names that have withstood the twists and turns of fashion, and salute the creators who got it right first time around.

Ford Mustang: 46 years

[Image: 92102AF409BF855B6364698EF534.jpg]

Perhaps one day they'll have to be hydrogen powered, but the US muscle car will never die. And neither, it seems, will the Ford Mustang name, running strong since 1964.

Porsche 911: 47 years

[Image: 3C105031C4A295570ACA0A0F8237.jpg]

The Porsche 911 name is definitely the wrong side of 40 and is fast approaching 50. But age has not wearied the pure, rear-engined formula of the 1963 original.

Hindustan Ambassador: 52 years

[Image: D416CF86B0483DA13694666C99E9.jpg]

Austin used the Ambassador name for a hatchback version of the Princess saloon in 1982, but the Hindustan Ambassador - a revised Morris Oxford - has been built in India since 1952.

Lotus/Caterham Seven: 53 years

[Image: 518D5914EB82DCE489E410E6B9CCF.jpg]

Introduced by Colin Chapman in 1957, the Seven ran until 1972, when Caterham picked up the baton. The lightweight, minimalist modern version holds true to the original's name and values.

Chevrolet Corvette: 58 years

[Image: 92948869155F59328C7CC517A172B.jpg]

It seems Americans don't like change. Or maybe they just get their car names right in the first place. Whatever the reason, the Corvette's been rumbling along the blacktop since 1952

Toyota Land Cruiser: 59 years

[Image: 8331B497595345E7A1ABB568F78A4.jpg]

Many off-roaders tend to stick with the first name they were given and are less prone to rebranding and changes. Toyota's use of the Land Cruiser name since 1951 is a case in point.

Land Rover: 62 years

[Image: CC44BDBA3165292D17D3941412E90.jpg]

It's now called the Land Rover Defender, but most people still refer to it simply as the Land Rover. Unlike its great rival Jeep, the Land Rover name was first used after, not during WW II.

Jeep: 69 years

[Image: D9A1FCECB941116F5EF08A2438421A.jpg]

The term Jeep first appeared as a nickname for a 4x4 developed for the US army. As with Land Rover, Jeep now symbolises a brand, as opposed to a single model.

Volkswagen Beetle: 72 years

[Image: 5F56D1FB273F6772E9BB262C3CF61.jpg]

Sales of over 21 million and 65 years of production prove VW got the original Beetle formula and name spot on. The new model has extended the Beetle name to a 72-year unbroken run.

Chevrolet Suburban: 75 years

[Image: 40EAB775F7498330F93EC49E37B5A.jpg]

It's the Daddy of them all, and proves that a cool-sounding name is not required for longevity. So give it up for the Suburban, currently celebrating its 75th birthday.

Source: MSN Cars
Photos: Company websites
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