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Tiny Core Linux 1.3 Has Better Support for Flash Drives
[Image: wsac89.jpg]
Robert Shingledecker, founder of the Tiny Core Linux project, announced yesterday, April 12th, the release of Tiny Core Linux 1.3, a very small Linux distribution that is only 10 MB in size. Coming one month after the previous 1.2 release, Tiny Core Linux 1.3 uses the Linux kernel 2.6.26-tinycore and brings updated packages, bugfixes and new features. Two useful additions are UUID and LABELS support, facilitating the use of Tiny Core Linux on flash drives.

Highlights of Tiny Core Linux 1.3:

· Linux kernel 2.6.26-tinycore;
· BusyBox is now at version 1.13.3;
· PCMCIAutils 015;
· The Aterm terminal emulator reached version 1.00.01;
· The Approbwser can now display .info, .list and .dep file formats;
· Support for UUID and LABLES;
· Automatic modprobing for module extensions;
· Better support for USB printers and scanner through 25-tc.rules;
· Updated device checking for restore;
· Better framebuffer support through an improved xsetup;
· Support for persistent opt was improved;
· Better handling of boot startup scripts;
· A new USB 2 button mouse choice;
· Fixed an issue that occurred when running tce-load from a non X CLI;
· The unused /usr/share/xml and /opt/bin were removed;
· Used Advedef on pci.ids.gz.

About Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux aims to be an extremely lightweight core desktop upon which users can install their choice of applications. It can operate in four modes: Cloud/Internet – the default boot mode where the system boots entirely in the RAM, PPR/TCE mode – the user has to specify a persistent storage partition and can use the TCE repository, PPR/TCZ mode is the same as PPR/TCE, except it uses the TCZ extension type, and the PPI/TCE mode that installs extensions on a Linux partition or a loop back file.

Download Tiny Core Linux 1.3 right now from here.

Tiny Core Linux 1.2 (ISO)

Tiny Core Linux 1.3 (ISO)

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