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Tune into [V] Exhausted

Well, sleep for one and that’s what the brand new show [V] Exhausted promises not to give you! That’s right, the show, premiering on the all new Bloody Cool [V], has an exciting format which puts the contestants’ endurance to test as they battle it out in 4 challenging rounds while being deprived of a very basic indispensable element, sleep. For the first 24 hours the contestants are locked up in a well-furnished living room with different games and amenities to keep them engaged and awake. Think that’s easy? Well then you have another thing coming. Each participant has to strap a Nap Zapper which gives a mild shock to all the contestants even if a
contestant dozes off, even for a second!

Then these sleep-deprived contestants face off in four gruelling rounds. 1st Blood, the first challenging round that tests the contestants’ physical strength and co-ordination as they perform dangerous stunts in pairs. After the deadly stunts that leave the contestants exhausted, the ‘out-of-focus’ round forces the contestants to rack their brains as they perform tasks that involve mental co-ordination, memory and concentration skills. Lights Out, the third round, has the contestants trapped in an environment that will induce sleep like a relaxing foot massage and bubble bath or a boring movie.

The fourth and the last challenge, aptly named Final Nightmare puts the contestants through their final encounter where their physical strength is the focus. Starting August 22, tune into [V] Exhausted every Saturday at 7 pm.

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