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US, Osama had close ties till 9/11?
A former FBI translator has claimed that the US was on ‘intimate’ terms with the Taliban and al-Qaida and used the militants to further certain
goals in central Asia.

“With those groups, we had operations in Central Asia,” said former Turkish language translator Sibel Edmonds on Friday speaking on the radio program, the Mike Malloy Show. Sibel said the US maintained ‘intimate relations’ with bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11.”

These ‘intimate relations’ included using bin Laden for ‘operations’ in Central Asia, including Xinjiang, China. These ‘operations’ involved using al-Qaida and the Taliban in the same manner “as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict,” that is, fighting ‘enemies’ via proxies.

The US used the gunmen ‘as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict’, she added, referring to its support for Afghan fighters during the 1979-89 Russian invasion.

Luke Ryland, a prolific investigator into the claims, said the tumultuous situation resulting from extremist operations would boost US arms sales in the region while forcing “oil and gas concessions”, Press TV reported.

The US government has twice barred Edmonds’ testimony on some controversial issues. “These are the confirmed cases,” she added stating her claims were based on ‘first-hand’ information. “There are a lot of things that our government doesn’t want us to know.”

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