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Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 Is Based on Ubuntu 9.04
The Ubuntu CE development team proudly announced yesterday, July 17th, the immediate availability of the Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0. Being based on the powerful Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04), the new, highly anticipated release of Ubuntu Christian Edition includes a brand new DansGuardian GUI, E-sword installer and, of course, the usual updates and fixes.

"Great news!! Ubuntu CE is alive again! A huge thanks goes out to David Kuntadi who has taken on the task of developing the debs for the Dansguardian GUI, e-Sword Installer, Bible Trivia, OpenSong, linBread, etc. He is also keeping our new repository organized and updated. The release of Ubuntu CE v5.0 based on Ubuntu 9.04 is now available for download as well as from our repos. This has been a request from the very beginning. We are excited that now standard Ubuntu users cans [sic.] simply install Ubuntu CE using apt-get or Synaptic.," was stated in the official announcement by the Ubuntu CE team.

Highlights of Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0:

· Based entirely on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope);
· Added the new DansGuardian GUI;
· Added the new E-sword installer;
· OpenSong was added;
· David Kuntadi is now the new Development Leader.

Ubuntu Christian Edition is an installable LiveCD based on the very popular Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). It is a free, open source operating system created for Christians. The main goal of this distribution is to bring the security and power of Ubuntu to Christians. It can be used for both server and desktop environments.

Ubuntu Christian Edition includes more than 16,000 pieces of software, but the core desktop installation fits on a single CD. Apart from the usual applications found in a regular Ubuntu distribution, this one contains GnomeSword, a top-of-the-line Bible study program for Linux, based on the Sword Project and several modules.

Ubuntu Christian Edition also includes fully integrated web content parental controls powered by DansGuardian GUI, which is a graphical tool designed to adjust the parental control settings.

Download Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 right now from here.

Ubuntu Christian Edition 5.0 (ISO)

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