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Update: A new twist, the wild card entry on JJWS 2
A new twist will be seen this Sunday on Jo Jeeta Wohi SuperStar 2 with the wild card entry. While the judges feel that the level of the competition will increase with the new twist, contestants have different views.

jo jeeta wohi superstar 2Who will the wild card entry be, will it be someone from the champions or one of the challengers? All of the contestants are curious, while some think it will be good for the competition others feel threatened by this new twist. Aneek from the champions says “I think it will definitely be a good thing as it will give the eliminated contestants another chance and the ones who are still in the game will also have to work harder on their performances. I don't feel threatened as I think we must always face challenges head on.”

But Anweshaa feels differently, she says “From thecompetiton point I don't think that the wild card entry is a fair thing for us contestants but then on a personal level there is the anticipation that my friends may come back and for that I am looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile Sanchita is worried as she feels the competition is going to get tougher with the wild card entry and Irfan feels that the title of the superstar will get more distant with this new development.

However everyone is curious as to who will make it back on the show? Will old rivals meet once again or will new rivals be formed? Find out only on Jo Jeeta Wohi SuperStar 2, Saturday – Sunday 9 pm on STAR Plus
Sritam Das,
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