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Update: BBC is developing 3D radio
Engineers at the BBC are developing new technology to broadcast radio and television programmes with three-dimensional sound.
Three-dimensional television may only just have arrived, but engineers at the BBC are already working on the next step - 3D radio.
Researchers at the corporation's technology unit, BBC R&D, have been developing acoustics that can trick the listener into believing they are really at events such as concerts with sound coming from every direction - even above and below.
The technology could bring new vigour to the BBC's long-established sound effects department, allowing its experts to fool audiences into hearing an object rising or falling.
The engineers claim that the new technology should allow consumers to receive 3D sound from their existing radio and television speakers.

Frank Melchior, lead technologist for audio with BBC R&D, said: "We want to deliver a new experience to the audience that gives them more immersion and involvement in the content.
"We also have to make sure we are flexible enough in the delivery of this content. It has to sound OK on headphones as well as on speakers."

A research paper from BBC R&D reveals hopes for 3D audio which will trick the brain into hearing sound from above and below in addition to the left, right, front and back that are usual with existing stereo or surround-sound audio on radio and TV.

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this is first step for innovating 3D surround sound via normal speakers eighther radio or i will keep update the success of the above research.
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