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Update: GTPL Hathway launches four new in-house cable channels
MUMBAI: Multi system operator (MSO) GTPL Hathway has expanded its local cable channel offering with four new channels. The company launched GTPL Box, GTPL Action, GTPL Gold, and GTPL Retro on 6 August.

GTPL Box is targeted at the younger generation and will showcase the latest movies & blockbusters from the Hindi movie industry.

GTPL Action will bring the best action movies to the viewers from Hollywood, Bollywood as well as Hindi dubbed South Indian movies.

[Image: GTPL-Hathway-launches-four-new-cover.jpg]

GTPL Gold will bring back movies of the golden era of Bollywood to the small screen to keep our viewers entertained with the best movies from the start of the movie industry to 1985.

GTPL Retro will showcase the best songs from the golden era and will show hand-picked songs from the famous singers, lyricists, music composers, actors, actresses, directors of the yesteryears.

The four channels strengthen GTPL’s existing in-house offerings including GTPL Bhakti, Katha, Sindhi TV, GTPL Music, GTPL Cinema, GTPL Dayro, and GTPL Gujarati.

GTPL Bhakti has been in existence for more than 7 years and has carved out a niche for itself among the religious channels with programmes like SundarKand/Aarti, Bhajan Sagar, Yatra and Kathaamrit which have a dedicated following among our viewers.

GTPL Katha is a unique channel where sermonizers from different religions elaborate ideas from their religions and explain their ideology in simple language that the viewers can understand. The vast array of spiritual leaders on the channel ensures a wide reach and dedicated following of the channel.

Sindhi TV is a Sindhi language channel which offers a blend of programmes of all genres in Sindhi.

GTPL Music offers a wide range of music videos to cater to the various moods of viewers with specially curated programs like Bollywood Cafe, Play Mood, and Review after Preview.

GTPL Cinema brings a wide variety of Hindi movies so that you can enjoy your favourite movies in the comfort of your home.

GTPL Dayro brings the best artists on its platform with Saurashtra ni Rasdhar, Kagvani, Charni Sahitya, and Dayra ni Mauj giving soulful yet energetic performances for the channel and many more artists regularly gracing our studios.

Dayro the extremely popular form of music in Gujarat, is a well-known art form and endeavors to raise awareness of the rich culture and history of Gujarat through music.

GTPL Gujarati produces thrillers, suspense, comedy, romantic and a large number of other programmes.

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