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Update: Sun Direct Channels List with Screenshots
Tamil Channels (21 numbers)

[Image: 100-suntv.jpg]

[Image: 102-ktv.jpg]

[Image: 104-sunmusic.jpg]

[Image: 106-adityatv.jpg]

[Image: 108-tamilcinemacclub.jpg]

[Image: 110-chuttitv.jpg]

[Image: 112-sunnews.jpg]

[Image: 114-kaliagnarseithigal.jpg]

[Image: 116-kaliagnartv.jpg]

[Image: 118-jayatv.jpg]

[Image: 120-jayaplus.jpg]

[Image: 122-ddpodhigai.jpg]

[Image: 123-isaiaruvi.jpg]

[Image: 124-rajtv.jpg]

[Image: 126-makkaltv.jpg]

[Image: 127-jayamax.jpg]

[Image: 128-megatv.jpg]

[Image: 130-vijaytv.jpg]

[Image: 132-vasanthtv.jpg]

[Image: 134-captaintv.jpg]

[Image: 136-puthiyathalaimurai.jpg]

Thanks given by:
Telugu Channels (19 Numbers)

[Image: 150-geminitv.jpg]

[Image: 152-geminimovies.jpg]

[Image: 154-geminimusic.jpg]

[Image: 156-geminicomedy.jpg]

[Image: 158-telugucinemaclub.jpg]

[Image: 160-kushitv.jpg]

[Image: 162-gemininews.jpg]

[Image: 166-etvtelugu.jpg]

[Image: 168-maatv.jpg]

[Image: 170-zeetelugu.jpg]

[Image: 172-vissa.jpg]

[Image: 176-etv2.jpg]

[Image: 178-tv9.jpg]

[Image: 180-tv5telugu.jpg]

[Image: 182-ntvnews.jpg]

[Image: 184-bhakthitv.jpg]

[Image: 186-sakshitv.jpg]

[Image: 188-abnandhrajyothi.jpg]

[Image: 190-ddsapthagiri.jpg]

Thanks given by:
Malayalam Channels (16 Numbers)

[Image: 200-suryatv.jpg]

[Image: 202-kirantv.jpg]

[Image: 204-malayalamcinemaclub.jpg]

[Image: 206-kochutv.jpg]

[Image: 208-asianet.jpg]

[Image: 210-asianetplus.jpg]

[Image: 212-kairalitv.jpg]

[Image: 214-kairaliwe.jpg]

[Image: 216-amritatv.jpg]

[Image: 218-ddmalayalam.jpg]

[Image: 220-jaihind.jpg]

[Image: 222-asianetnews.jpg]

[Image: 224-manoramanews.jpg]

[Image: 226-indiavision.jpg]

[Image: 228-jeevantv.jpg]

[Image: 230-reporter.jpg]

Thanks given by:
Kannada Channels (14 Numbers)

[Image: 250-udayatv.jpg]

[Image: 252-udayamovies.jpg]

[Image: 254-udaya2.jpg]

[Image: 256-udayacomedy.jpg]

[Image: 258-kannadacinemaclub.jpg]

[Image: 260-chintutv.jpg]

[Image: 262-udayanews.jpg]

[Image: 264-etvkannada.jpg]

[Image: 266-zeekannada.jpg]

[Image: 268-kasthuritv.jpg]

[Image: 270-asianetsuvarna.jpg]

[Image: 272-ddchandana.jpg]

[Image: 274-tv9kannada.jpg]

[Image: 276-suvarnanews.jpg]

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