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Upgraded To Dish Tru HD+
Finally after two years ,I reactivated my Dish TV connection and upgraded to Dish Tru HD.The upgradation was quick and hassle free.Upgrade request was made on night.And they installed it on next day morning itself.I will share my experience and some snaps.Some images will be of poor quality since they are taken on mobile camera,sorry Sad When i get time i will give you a detailed review Smile

Installation and Activation

Total time taken was around 15 mins.They just replaced my normal LNB with Monobloc LNB.Then swapped my SD box with HD box.All channel in my pack were activated instantly.Had to call them later for activating DVR services.

[Image: zoghER0.jpg]

[Image: lRwDQX0.jpg]

Box Contents

Box contents include STB,Remote,2 Batteries,HDMI Cable,Component Cable,Composite Cable.

[Image: 6tvChZq.jpg]

[Image: bmhd04d.jpg]


Settop Box is Zenega D6000 HD and is of decent quality.Ports include HDMI,Component,Composite,Spdif,USB,IF in ,IF out.Its displays time when on Stand By

[Image: tA93oXi.jpg]

[Image: WeiplYj.jpg]

[Image: MqNCbwI.jpg]

[Image: hovZrMo.jpg]


Remote is too long for me.Found it difficult to use with one hand.

[Image: xHMKi7r.jpg]

Picture Quality

I am not an expert ,but simply I can say the HD channels are of excellent quality.SD channel quality is above average.Its good on few channels.Its similar to what i get on my Digital cable with composite cable.


Well there is nothing to boast or complain in this area.I can say its not visually pleasing.

[Image: I6R5zAL.jpg]

[Image: YcfFj30.jpg]
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Here are some snaps of the HD Services

[Image: Z9n568x.jpg]

[Image: Y2u3g3x.jpg]

[Image: q9v7BKM.jpg]

[Image: szHP8kq.jpg]

[Image: 9OIbC8f.jpg]

[Image: vhy8vEI.jpg]

[Image: OSnIxGG.jpg]

[Image: cdkqAo2.jpg]

[Image: dEP3qIi.jpg]

[Image: fdrO4F7.jpg]

[Image: o7GNcDY.jpg]

[Image: pHMOGZu.jpg]

[Image: MjNjNwv.jpg]

[Image: jyBYwTl.jpg]

[Image: FQHgtzw.jpg]

[Image: bMC9ePG.jpg]

[Image: WFqojkc.jpg]

[Image: 9Eupmwc.jpg]

[Image: f67f0fJ.jpg]

[Image: TePeRcP.jpg]

[Image: H4m3Rlu.jpg]

[Image: shiMZtD.jpg]

[Image: Z1NFaGz.jpg]

[Image: 37i98ZL.jpg]

[Image: B9xP5XA.jpg]

[Image: N6uwPkF.jpg]

[Image: RRMK4UP.jpg]

[Image: ry9XZvo.jpg]

[Image: Ii0CSdZ.jpg]
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[Image: vj5d7a7.jpg]

[Image: 798E3FQ.jpg]

[Image: CdG7YFa.jpg]

[Image: jWejaPy.jpg]

Few SD channels

[Image: ceZv7Mu.jpg]

[Image: NMRON5N.jpg]

[Image: b9cGWcN.jpg]

[Image: cMvYAnj.jpg]

[Image: YqnyVep.jpg]
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Nice review & snaps Mr.Nivin.. :happy:

At right time you have got the Dish TV HD connection. :up:

I don't see Sun HD channels snaps. Are you not getting it?
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No I am not getting Sun HD channels. I was not able to add them. And also Dish TV is charging me for Malayalam Language Addon, which should have been free normally.
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Well written review and screenshots. Enjoy your new set up.:win:
Airtel Digital HD Recorder / Kerala Vision Digital TV
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