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Using one Satellite cable connection to connect two cable for two different rooms
I have a dish TV connection and opted for two STB's.

I had run two runs of coaxial cable from terrace/dish to the ground floor. I will be using one cable for a dedicated TV using one STB but I need to use the second STB in two other rooms not simultaneously but use the second STB at the two TV's at different time by shifting the STB to the respective TV.

Now my problem is that I have one cable run and I need to connect the two coaxial cable to one cable running from the dish.

I understand that I cannot use the splitter that is commonly available for cable TV/antenna to split the cable signal since the satellite TV cable sends a 14V/18V DC signal to the LNB of the antenna dish and also 22KHZ(I am not sure) signal to communicate with the satellite.

I need help from members what type of splitter that I should use in this case and where is it available online?
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