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Venus, Mars & Saturn To Form A Triangle In The Sky
A natural triangle formation would be visible in the western sky for a few weeks in August when Venus, Mars and Saturn would form a celestial cluster, a rare sight.

Director, Research and Academics at the Birla Planetarium, Kolkata D.P. Duari said, “The three planets will crowd into a very small area of the sky, within a region of eight degrees, making for a very distinctive and eye-catching formation. They will spend the coming week moving to the right with respect to Venus, creating a planetary triangle that changes shape from day to day. On August 12, a crescent Moon will join the planetary show.”

Dr. Duari said that soon after sunset, at about 6.15 p.m., one can get a clearer view. Venus will be the brightest one to view as its closer to the sun as well as the earth, however, Saturn and Mars would be lacking distinctness and would appear faint.

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