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Very good ISP
One of my best experience in Mumbai(apart from the people ofcourse) is the way all the things work. I came across Tikona when searvhing for some good ISP. My neighbours recommended it to me. Truely its awesome! I have used a few broadband service providers before but none came as good as Tikona in terms of speed and services. Have been using it for two months now and its a great experience. Love it!
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worst broadband.. dont take it, otherwise u'll weep throughout day and night.
Even mobile internet works faster than tikona.

Connectivity is poorest, they use a box on top of terrace, whose signals dont come.
Only if u have multiple boxes arnd ur home, signals are somewhat better.

Otherwise Tikona is worst, shut down this broadband service, and cancel its license...

worst...bad...poor... slow....all these are other names of TIKONA. :bad looking:
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Dear cooler_hot he is a tikona fellow and come here time to time to promote this after banning so many times ???
C-Band: 38E, 68E, 75E, 76E, 78.5E, 80E, 83E, 91.5E, 100E,105.5E  
Ku-Band:3E, 7E, 9E, 10E, 16E, 21E, 25E, 26E, 36E, 38E, 42E, 45E, 48E, 52.5E, 53E, 55E, 60E, 74E, 75E, 76E, 83E, 91.5E, 93.5E, 95E, 100.5E, 105.5E, 108E
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