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Videocon d2h
Hello Friends,

I'm Rahul, from Hyderabad.

I'm about to purchase Videocon d2h as it has mpeg 4 quality at very less cost but I'm not sure whether it is a very good service provider compare to others like Airtel, Big, Tata Sky and Dish TV.

Can someone please suggest me whether to go Videocon or any other (please mention if any)

Please comment on the audio and video quality in comparison with other providers like Airtel, Big, Tata Sky and Dish TV.

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Hi Rahul,
Being a ADTV (Airtel digital tv) customer,I am absolutely satisfied with the ADTV DTH Service.I would like to suggest you that don't go for d2h only because it is lesser in price but there is only one thing I wish to tell you that whenever you go for ADTV, go for Thomson STB.
Simply forget about d2h.Go for ADTV with South Mega Pack for a duration intended by you.
[Image: indiandthsig.php]
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Which channels do you need ? then we can say the suitable dth for you .
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Hello Rahul,
I using D2h since last 2 months. I observe following Positive & Negatives quality of D2h.
Positive Quality
1) Very Economical Package, if you purchase 6 months Diamond package, it would cost you aroung Rs. 250/- per month. with 151 channels. You are in Andhra then AP-Diamond Package is very good for you.
2) Very good for sports loves, all the sports channels are available on D2h.
3) Picture Quality is very good. little high contrast is there but it's ok, we can manage it with TV's Colour/Brightness Settings.
4) Very Good Customer Service, Hasslefree Recharge.
5) If you register any technical complaint, next day engineer is present at your home, to rectify the problem. Very good service.
6) D2h Logo is very transparent on screen,
7) Remote is very handy and easy to use.
8) Software is very good, Mosaic, and Help service is very good.

Negative Quality
1) Previously D2h has very bad Sound Quality not stereo sound, I wrote many mail, register many complaints, their engineer is come to my home to observ problems, then their customer head also come my home, they saw the problems and the best part is they admit that they have such kind of problem. Now they improve their sound quality. Now I can hear stereo quality sound in Star Movies, HBO, PIX, WB, Sony, Sab, channel V, 9XM, VH1 & others.
2) Music channels are very less, hope in future they will add all the music channels.
3) Radio service is not start yet.
4) Movies on demand is also no start yet, only test movies is repeated again and again.
5) Active service is in test mode. only cooking, traveling is on, Games are very less.
Now I give 8/10 for Videocon D2h now. Previous score was 4/10.
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Thanks Mr.shyamk for the detailed review.By The Way can u post review of d2h in this thread ?
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Hello Friends

Thanks for your reply

I'm Maharastrian, I wish to watch more marathi channels than telugu.

Please suggest me which service should I choose for more marathi channels at low cost.

I'm from Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh.

Which service provider has good video and audio quality and good service?

Thanks for your responses.
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Hello 'rahulwithu'

I am from nanded (MAHARASHTRA) ,but now in banglore...
i was also in the same situation just like u, my parents were tired of my CABLE opt. due to load shedding and the other issue was coming...
so i thought to take DTH , in DIWALI i tried each DTH operator....all were having 6-7 marathi channel
but this D2h is having all marathi channel in base pack in @150 rs. and picture quality is very good as compare to other operators..(i am having tatasky in banglore, i am sick of it, planning to for D2H...)
in mY opinion d2h is best for marathi people, their CC responce is best ever in this industry. lots of benefits are there .
i havnt seen todays situation , but my parents are happy...with service....
and someone from this posted the clear view regarding AUDIO and VIDEO quality, saying that quality is improved nicely.....
and finally atleast in maharashtra they will be having base(becoz their all hardware and s/w are prepared in AURANGABAD only...and CHAIRMAN is MARATHI)
so go for it... in 2000rs. u will not get any better offer than other people like us..
and in 275 pack u will get all channles including sports and english news channles...
for the same chanles i am paying near about 400 for tatsky...

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Thanks for your responses.
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