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WWE RAW Results - April 6, 2009
Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with a nice video package of highlights of last night’s WrestleMania 25 pay-per-view.

- The opening RAW video plays and the pyro explodes inside the sold out Toyota Center in Houston, Texas as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Tonight’s main event will be John Cena, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Ricky Steamboat vs. Edge, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho and Kane.

- Voices plays as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, ready to fight. Orton stops and holds his face from the sledgehammer shot last night. Lilian introduces Orton as he stalks his way to the ring by himself.

Orton’s music stops and the crowd is boo’ing him like crazy. Orton says he doesn’t know what sickens him more - the fact Triple H illegally used the hammer to beat him last night, or the fact that the fans enjoyed every second of it. The crowd pops. Orton says it’s good they have a moment of happiness but the fact is last night proved nothing. He says Triple H knows he can’t beat him on his own and he will get his rematch. Orton says the McMahons owe it to him, WWE owes it to him and all the fans owe it to him.

Orton says when he gets his rematch, he will beat Triple H and become WWE Champion and may God help the WWE family if they get in his way again. A huge RKO chant breaks out as Orton talks about beating up the McMahons and says maybe he will pay Linda McMahon a visit. Vince McMahon’s music hits and he comes stomping out to the ring pissed. Orton leaves the ring as Vince gets in.

Vince is pissed as he asks Orton if he is threatening him and his grandchildren. Vince says if he wants a McMahon family member so bad, come in the ring and get it. Orton backs up the ramp and just stares at Vince. Vince says he is not going to give Orton another WWE Title match and this pisses Orton off. Vince says he doesn’t deserve it, for the hell he put his family through. Vince says Orton is going to get some Backlash because at the pay-per-view, it will be Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. Triple H, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon. Orton says Vince makes a match where Vince can hide behind Shane and Triple H. Orton says Vince is scared of him. Vince says Orton is scared because Legacy isn’t there with him right now and says without Rhodes and DiBiase, Orton is a failure.

Orton challenges Vince to a match tonight and says he doesn’t need Cody or Ted to beat Vince tonight and didn’t need them when he punt kicked him. Orton guarantees Vince won’t make it to Backlash if he faces him tonight. Orton says he will have his WrestleMania moment a day late when he puts Vince down for good. Vince thinks about it and says Orton may put him down for good for all he knows, but maybe he won’t. Vince accepts the challenge as No Chance plays as Orton and McMahon stare each other down as RAW goes to commercial.

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: John Morrison and The Miz vs. Carlito and Primo Colon

Back from commercial and the Lumberjacks are surrounding the ring. Out first is the former Tag Team Champions, John Morrison and The Miz. Out next is the new Champions, Carlito and Primo to a pretty nice pop.

The bell rings and Morrison and Carlito start things off. Morrison backs Carlito in the corner and works him over. Carlito springboards off the ropes with an elbow and gets a 2 count on Morrison. Carlito tags in Primo and they hit a nice double team move over the ropes for a 2 count. Primo does a headstand in the corner and takes Morrison down for another 2 count. Primo gets knocked on the apron but fights Morrison back in the ring. Primo dropkicks Morrison out into the Lumberjacks and they start beating on him.

The Lumberjacks throw Morrison back in the ring and Primo goes to work as we take another commercial break.

Back from commercial and during the break, Miz pushed Primo off the ropes and into the Lumberjacks. In the ring now, Miz and Morrison double team Primo and slam him on his face for a 2 count as Carlito makes the save. Primo fights to his feet and drops Miz to tag in Carlito. Carlito unloads on Miz and takes him down with a clothesline and a big back drop. Carlito counters Miz and drops him with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. They end up on the top and Miz tries to superplex Carlito. Miz ends up falling off the top into the Lumberjacks and Carlito falls. Primo leaps off the apron into the Lumberjacks. Morrison goes to the other corner and does a shooting star press off the top rope into the Lumberjacks. Miz has Carlito in the ring and gets a 2 count now.

Primo dumps Morrison over the ropes and into the Lumberjacks after another near fall. Carlito misses the Backstabber and Miz rolls him for a 2 count. Carlito ends up on Miz’s shoulders and they struggle. Carlito turns it into the Backstabber to get the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Carlito and Primo Colon

- We see Vince McMahon backstage. Shane McMahon comes walking in and says Backlash is supposed to be a six-man and Vince says he gets it but he has never backed down from a challenge. Vince asks Shane to give him a few minutes and before he walks off, Vince says he knows if Cody and Ted interfere tonight then Shane has his back. Vince says he wants Orton and is going to do this on his own. Shane understands and Vince thanks him as Shane leaves.

- We get a promo for the 10 Divas match up next before getting another 12 Rounds promo video and commercial break.

Mickie James, Jillian Hall, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Melina vs. Maryse, Natalya, Maria, Gail Kim and Eve Torres
The RAW Divas with Women’s Champion Melina are out first followed by the SmackDown Divas with Divas Champion Maryse.

Gail Kim and Melina start the match out and go back and forth. We get a few early near falls. Gail ends up dropkicking Melina. Melina hits a back elbow on Gail and drops her. Gail comes off the top with a crossbody. They tangle and Melina gets thrown to the floor. Maryse attacks Melina as the ref’s back is turned. Natalya is tagged in now and goes to work on Melina in the ring. Natalya stretches Melina and keeps her from tagging.

Mickie gets tagged in and comes in to unload on Natalya. Big dropkick by Mickie and a 2 count. Natalya catches Mickie off the top rope and slams her on her head for a 2 count as Layla comes in and makes the save for RAW. Layla gets knocked to the floor and all the Divas start brawling on the floor. Mickie catches Natalya in the ring with a DDT off the second rope to get the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Mickie James, Jillian Hall, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Melina

- Backstage we see Shane McMahon walking up to Triple H and they embrace. Shane says he was trying to talk some sense into dad and asks Triple H to try and talk him out of it. Triple H says he doesn’t think it will work but he will give it a shot. Triple H walks off and we get ready for another commercial break.

Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Ricky Steamboat, John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs. Edge, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Kane and Chris Jericho
Jeff Haryd makes his way out, looking a little sore to start the match. The 2009 Money in the Bank winner CM Punk is out next followed by the new WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat is out next followed by the new World Champion John Cena. The heels make their way next with Chris Jericho coming out first, then Kane, Matt Hardy, the Big Show and finally the former World Champion Edge.

Back from commercial and Matt Hardy is going at it with Rey. Rey gets some offense and goes to the top but Hardy catches him on his shoulders. Rey tags in Jeff and Matt scrambles to the corner and tags in Edge. Jeff is limping around. Edge takes Hardy down with a knee to the gut and works him over in the corner now. Hardy takes Edge down with a scissors move and rolls him for a 2 count. Cena comes in and goes to work on Edge but gets knocked back with a right. Edge works Cena over in the corner now. Cena nails the bulldog out of nowhere, ties Edge up and tags in Steamboat.

Steamboat comes in off the top and takes Edge out. A huge “you still got it” chant breaks out for Steamboat. He comes off the ropes again and takes Edge down for a 2 count again. Edge tags in Kane. Ricky goes for the knee and hits some big chops on Kane. Steamboat takes down Jericho and Edge then goes back for Kane’s knee. Steamboat goes to the top and comes down on Kane with classic Steamboat. Kane scoops him with a big sideslam and drops him before tagging in Jericho. Jericho goes to work on Steamboat before tagging in Big Show who hits a big chop on Ricky. Show backs Ricky in the corner and puts his boot in the face. Show hits a big head butt on Ricky as the crowd gets behind Dragon. Ricky fights back with big chops but Show drops him. Jericho comes back in and goes to work on Steamboat, getting a 2 count. Headlock by Jericho now.

Steamboat fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Big rights by Steamboat but Jericho ducks and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Ricky rolls out of it and gets a close 2 count on Jericho. Jericho tries a back drop but Ricky slides out and tags in Punk. Punk comes in and unloads on Jericho with kicks and a big knee. Running knee in the corner by Punk and then the bulldog. Punk knocks Edge and Matt off the apron but Show catches his fist. Punk turns around and gets decked and dropped by Kane. 2 count by Jericho. Kane kicks Punk in the face and we go back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Punk is fighting off Kane but Kane drops him with a big boot and tags in Matt. Matt gets a 2 count on Punk. Edge comes in and works on Punk then Show is tagged in. Show backs Punk in the corner and nails him with big chops to the chest. Edge comes and then Kane is tagged back in as Punk is still on the losing end. Kane puts Punk on the top but Punk fights him off. Punk knocks Kane down to the mat and comes off the top. Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Punk counters it and both are down. Edge and Jeff are tagged in at the same time. Jeff gets the best of Edge with his signature moves and gets a 2 count.

Show ends up coming in the ring when Cena is tagged in. Cena gets on his back and they end up on the floor. Rey Mysterio is the legal man and drops Edge for the 619. Rey goes for it and Jericho comes in. Rey drops Jericho for the 619 and hits it at the same time on Edge and Jericho. Rey comes off the top and lands on Jericho at the same time Steamboat comes off the top and lands on Edge. Rey pins Jericho for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: CM Punk, Ricky Steamboat, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and John Cena

The winning team celebrate in the ring after the match. The rest leave while Steamboat climbs the top turnbuckles and gets a huge pop from the crowd. Cena, Rey, Punk and Jeff applaud Steamboat from the ramp and he runs them for a big group hug.

- Backstage we see Vince McMahon getting ready. Triple H comes in and Vince stops him, saying he doesn’t want to hear it. Triple H tells him he’s the most arrogant, hard headed SOB and something else he’s ever met but is proud of him. Triple H tells Vince to finish it and walks off as we go back to commercial.

- Lilian Garcia is in the ring and she introduced the interim General Manager of RAW, Vickie Guerrero. Chavo wheels her out to the ramp and she gets some insane heat here as usual. She says when the WWE Board first asked her to be the interim GM of RAW, it came with a provision - after WrestleMania, she had the option to become GM oe one show or the other, but not both. She says with the Draft next week, she had to decide and she is now the permanent General Manager of RAW. Vickie says RAW has become stale and stagnant and she can be a breath of fresh air with her unique thinking and professionalism. Vickie announces Edge will get a World Title shot at Backlash and laughs as she says it will be his last chance at regaining the belt. As far as the WWE Title goes, she says the six-man at Backlash will now be a Championship match. If Triple H or his team wins, he will retain the belt. If anyone on Randy Orton’s team wins, Orton becomes WWE Champion. Vickie thanks everyone for welcoming her as the new GM of RAW as they boo her.

Cole and Lawler are talking as Vickie Guerrero comes back out. She messed up. She announces the Edge vs. John Cena match at Backlash will be a Last Man Standing match.

- Backstage we see Legacy standing around as Orton gets ready for his match. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get a nice promo for the WWE Superstars TV show debuting this month before going to a recap of the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

- Lilian Garcia is in the ring and she introduces Miss WrestleMania - Santina Marella. Santina comes out fully dressed up, complete with her own Titantron and theme music. She says when her sexy twin brother couldn’t compete at WrestleMania, his heart was broken but it’s ok now because his own flesh and blood is the winner. Comedy stuff here by Santina. Beth Phoenix finally comes out with Rosa behind her and she’s pissed. Santina tries to introduce herself to Beth. Santina says this is her brother’s girlfriend. Beth says cut the crap and asks Santino what he’s out here doing. She says he’s embarrassing himself infront of all these people. Beth says she better not catch him in the Divas locker room again. Beth says he threw her over the top rope last night and challenges Santina to a match tonight. Santina says Beth is jealous because she’s more of a woman than Beth will ever be. Santina accepts and asks for a referee.

Santina Marella vs. Beth Phoenix
A referee comes running down from the back as we go to commercial break. Back from commercial and Santina asks for some music a girl can dance to. Santina starts dancing and it disgusts Beth. The bell rings and Santina starts bouncing around. Beth chops Santina and works him over in the corner with forearms. Beth tries to spank Santina but he rolls to the floor. Rosa tries to calm Beth down but Santina runs back in the ring and tries to drop an elbow but misses. Beth scoops Santina but he holds on to the ropes. Santina falls back on Beth and pins her for the win.

Winner: Santina Marella

- After the match, Santina runs up the ramp and taunts Beth from the ring. Beth is pissed.

- We see Vince McMahon heading to the ring as we go to commercial break.

Randy Orton vs. Vince McMahon
Back from the break and Voices is playing as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring without Legacy. No Chance hits next as Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring dressed in his usual all black. Vince stares Orton down as he enters the ring.

The bell rings and Vince approaches Orton slowly. Vince slaps Orton and he goes down and comes back up. Vince hits Orton harder this time and sends him into the corner. Rights and lefts from Vince now and another shot to the face. Orton drops again and Vince starts kicking in the corner. Vince gets emotional and rocks Orton in the face again. Vince looks a little rusty. Vince kicks Orton in the side and sends him to the floor. Vince slams Orton into the announcers table and taunts him, slamming his head down again. Vince thrusts Orton’s back into the apron and continues to work him over.

They go back in the ring and Orton drops Vince with that sick back breaker of his. Orton rocks Vince in the face and kicks him. Orton starts dropping knees on Vince. Orton taunts the crowd. Orton picks Vince up and drops him with an RKO without much resistance from Vince. Orton stands over Vince and gets ready for the punt kick. Shane McMahon hits the ring and stops the punt kick. Shane mounts Orton and unloads with punches. Legacy rush the ring and beat Shane down.

Legacy stomps away on Shane when Triple H runs out. Cody and Ted meet him on the floor and get dropped. Orton and Triple H fight in the ring. Triple H drops him with a clothesline and unloads with rights and lefts. Cody and Ted come in and beat Triple H down. Cody holds Triple H. Shane comes in but Ted lays him out. Legacy triple team Triple H now. Batista’s music hits and he rushes to the ring ready to fight.

Batista nails the spear running in and unloads on Legacy. Batista shakes the ropes and gets pumped up. Cody is left in the ring but rolls out. Triple H throws him back in and Shane shoves Cody to Batista. He lays Cody out with a huge power bomb. Batista taunts Ted and Randy on the floor, asking them if they remember him. Vince takes the mic and says Orton is right, he won’t be going to Backlash. Taking his place will be Batista! Randy Orton flips out on the ramp and is pissed off. Batista’s music hits as he, Triple H and Shane celebrate in the ring as we go to replays. RAW goes off the air with them still in the ring together.

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