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WWE RAW Results - March 23, 2009
Tonight's WWE RAW kicks off with Lilian Garcia introducing WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who is already in the ring. Flair's music plays, he Whoo's around the ring and gets ready to talk. Flair says that on behalf of Roddy Piper, Superfly Snuka and Ricky Steamboat, he accepts Chris Jericho's challenge for the 3-on-1 match at WrestleMania.

Flair says he will be honored to be in their corner and reminds Jericho he can't compete. Flair says he will hold the Legends' hands high after they beat Jericho. Jericho appears on the big screen and tells Flair to listen up. Jericho is showing a clip of Snuka, Steamboat and Piper at the first WrestleMania but says that was 25 years ago. Jericho says he has became a bigger star than any of them. Jericho leaves the production truck and walks into the arena. Jericho asks Flair if he thinks last week was the final scene like in The Wrestler where the Legends win. Jericho says this isn't a movie and Flair isn't Mickey Rourke. Jericho puts down Rourke and tells Flair this is real. Jericho tells Flair nobody cares about him and walks out to appear on the stage as the fans boo him.

Jericho marches to the ring while still talking to Flair. Jericho tells Flair he is going to beat his friends at WrestleMania and it will be a disgusting, disturbing, uncomfortable beat down. Jericho says Flair will be at ringside powerless, begging Jericho to stop but he won't. Jericho says Rourke will be sitting at ringside watching the carnage that he caused. Jericho says the Legends will be known to a generation as the washed up has beens that were euthanize by Chris Jericho. Flair tells him he's wrong and they will refuse to be judged by insignificant little punks that will never be Hall of Fame material and refuse to be told when it's over. Flair says they love to be respected for their achievements. Flair says he will be proud to stand by his Hall of Fame brothers, his peers and his friends as they beat Jericho.

Flair gets hype now and says he is looking forward to standing in the middle of the ring, finding Mickey Rourke in the crowd and bringing him in the ring to stand by The Naitch, The Hot Rod, The Superfly and The Dragon to look at the broken body of Chris Jericho. Flair lets out a Whooo as Jericho clocks him with a right hand. Flair goes down as Jericho starts to kick and punch him. Jericho kicks Flair to the floor and goes out after him. Jericho continues to beat on Flair from the outside, ripping his shirt off and busting his forehead open. Jericho throws Flair over the announcers table and tears it apart. Jericho throws Flair over the barrier and into the crowd.

Jericho brings Flair back to the announcers table and continues the assault, using parts of the table and Flair's own tie against him. Jericho got one of Flair's shoes and used it before throwing it into the crowd. Flair tries to mount an attack but Jericho holds him off. Flair gets to his feet but Jericho punches him some more before throwing him into the steel steps. Jericho beats Flair some more before grabbing a camera from the cameraman. Flair gets to his feet as Jericho charges at him with the camera, busting him in the head again. Flair screams out. Jericho takes Flair's Rolex watch off his arm and looks at it before putting it on the steel ring steps and stomping it into pieces. The crowd is giving major heat to Jericho this whole time. Flair is beaten, bloody, missing clothes and shoes and down on the ground as Jericho walks off and we go to commercial.

Extreme Rules Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Jeff Hardy

Back from commercial and Jeff Hardy is making his way to the ring where Dolph Ziggler waits for this Extreme Rules match. Dolph goes to the floor early on and gets extreme on Hardy before bringing him back in the ring. Hardy goes for his leap in the corner but Dolph moves and takes control again. Dolph brings a trash can in the ring and cracks Hardy in the head for a 2 count.

Dolph puts the can on the mat and takes Hardy up top for a superplex. Hardy counters and drops Dolph face first onto the trash can. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on the trash can and goes out to the floor to get a steel chair. Hardy cracks Dolph over and over with the chair before hitting the Twist of Fate on the chair. Hardy climbs to the top and nails the Swanton Bomb to get the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Hardy takes the mic and tells Matt he knows he is watching. Hardy says what he just saw wasn't extreme but what he feels at WrestleMania will be. Hardy's music hits again as he heads to the back.

- Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about WrestleMania and the match with Edge, Big Show and John Cena. Cole leads us to clips from SmackDown this past Friday night.

We cut to John Cena backstage. He tells Vickie Guerrero he heard she was under the weather and shows a get well card he wrote for her. Some cheesy music plays as Cena reads this dumb card that rhymes. Graphics of Edge, Show and Vickie are flashed. I think they're going for some good comedy here but it's not working for me. Cena, still reading, vows he will beat either Show or Edge at WrestleMania and ends it in a rhyme. Really?

- Back from commercial and we get a WrestleMania highlight package featuring WrestleMania 21 with the first ever Money in the Bank match.

Kane, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin and Finlay vs. MVP, CM Punk, Christian Cage and Kofi Kingston

MVP and Shelton start the match off as the MITB briefcase hangs above the ring. MVP knocks Shelton down and gets an early 2 count. Shelton with a take down and suplex of his own.

WWE US Champion MVP works over Shelton some more before tagging in CM Punk. Shelton manages to tag in Finlay. Punk catches Finlay with the knee in the corner. Finlay takes control of the match and takes Punk to the mat. Finlay works on the leg of CM Punk as RAW goes back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Kane is in control of CM Punk. Punk starts kicking at Kane and tags in Christian. Cage comes in as Shelton does but Cage gets the best of him. Christian flips Shelton out of the corner but he lands on his feet. Christian drops Shelton on the ropes, slides to the floor and decks him in the face. Christian decks Finlay also. 2 count on Shelton by Christian. Finlay comes in but MVP tosses him. Kane grabs MVP for the chokeslam but Kofi leaps off the top and makes the save. Mark Henry decks Kofi and Punk leaps off the ropes and lands in Henry's arms. MVP makes the save and Punk flies over the ropes onto Henry, who is now on the floor. During all this, Christian lays Shelton out to get the pinfall and win for his team.

Winners: CM Punk, Christian Cage, Kofi Kingston and MVP

After the match, Finlay comes in the ring with a ladder and lays everyone out eventually. Finlay and Hornswoggle celebrate under the briefcase with the ladder as we cut to another preview for John Cena's 12 Rounds.

- Back from commercial and Cole & Lawler hype WrestleMania. We get a video package on what's went down between Randy Orton and Triple H, including the home invasion and what happened on last week's RAW with Cody Rhodes.

- Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton. Todd asks his thoughts on what happened with Cody last week. Orton says the video doesn't show that on SmackDown, Triple H said Orton suffers from cowardliness. Orton says he isn't the one who attacks people in their homes, he is the one who attacked the McMahons in their face. Orton tells Triple H he needs to remember who he is dealing with. Orton says he was willing to wait until WrestleMania but Triple H had to up the ante and tonight Orton will raise him. Orton says he is going to do something tonight that will look make everything else that's happened look weak. Orton says it's Triple H and his entire family that has brought this on.

Edge vs. Big Show

Back in the arena, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge makes his way to the ring for this non-title match against Big Show. Lilian introduces Vickie Guerrero next. Vickie comes out being pushed in a wheelchair by Chavo Guerrero. Chavo wheels Vickie to the ring as RAW goes back to break.

Back from commercial and Vickie is at ringside. Edge goes down to kiss her and she turns her cheek after he accidentally speared her on SmackDown last Friday. Out next is Big Show. Show walks over to Vickie and says something to her but she just looks away. Show enters the ring as Cena appears on the big screen. He says he wishes he could be here tonight but he's in California getting ready to do the Tonight Show. Cena says they are so obsessed with Vickie that they're ignoring WrestleMania. Cena says everyone is laughing at them both because they're not acting like men. Cena tells them to fight like two top Superstars tonight. Cena says when WrestleMania is over, there's a good chance that both of them slept with Vickie Guerrero for absolutely nothing. Cena wishes them good luck as the bell rings.

Edge and Show start brawling. Edge gets Show in the corner and hits him with right hands. Show throws Edge out of the corner and drops him with a big clothesline and then a headbutt. Edge goes to the floor but Show brings him back in by his head. Show slams Edge back into the ring. Show knocks Edge down with a big forearm and tells Vickie that Edge doesn't deserve her. Show goes to the floor where Edge is at now and hits him with a big chop infront of Vickie. Edge hits Show in the leg as they get back in the ring and takes control. Edge works on the knee and DDT's Show.

Edge charges Show but Big Show lifts him up high in the air and drops him over the ropes. Show ties Edge up in the ropes like John Cena was last week. Show gets ready for his knockout punch on Edge as Vickie gets up out of her chair and pleads with Show not to. Vickie tells Chavo to stop it or do something. Chavo gets in the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Show throws Chavo to the side and focuses back on Edge as Vickie screams. Chavo decks Show from behind. Show turns around and backs Chavo into the corner. Edge gets up and tries to spear Show but he moves and Edge hits Chavo. Show drops Edge with a big knockout punch. Show goes to the outside and says something else to Vickie Guerrero before walking off as Edge and Chavo are down in the ring.

Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal
Back from commercial and we see a clip of JBL winning the Intercontinental Title. Rey Mysterio's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. JBL's music plays and the white limousine pulls into the arena as JBL hops out with William Regal and Layla before making their way to the ring. Regal enters the ring as JBL takes a seat for commentary. Regal and Rey lock up and go back and forth to start the match.

Rey drops Regal into the ropes for 619. Rey goes for it and Regal rolls to the outside. Rey comes to the floor and is distracted by JBL. Rey turns around to a big right hand by Regal. Regal drops Rey on the floor and gets back in the ring. Rey follows but Regal backs him in the ring with right hands. Regal takes Rey to the mat with a full nelson and backs him into the corner for more rights and lefts. Rey fights out but Regal hits him in the head with a big knee. The ref checks on Rey.

Rey gets to his feet and fights back on Regal. Rey drops Regal in the ropes for the 619 and then nails it. Rey comes flying down on Regal to get the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, JBL approaches the side of the ring and starts applauding Mysterio as he celebrates in the ring. Rey knocks JBL down on the floor with a sliding dropkick before heading to the back.

- The lights turn off in the arena as we come back from commercial and The Undertaker's music starts playing. The dim lights come on and Taker is standing in the ring. Taker tells Shawn Michaels that his behavior has taken this thing between them to a whole new dimension. Taker says HBK's WrestleMania obsessions have impaired Shawn's judgment. Taker says it's true - he's never beat Shawn one-on-one but reminds Shawn the last time they did battle, Shawn spent the next 5 years at home in agonizing pain trying to recover. Taker says they will find out if Shawn is afraid of him or not at WrestleMania. Taker reminds Shawn it was him that opened the gates of Hell. The lights come on as Shawn's music hits and a video starts playing.

Shawn Michaels is on the video, standing in a graveyard. We see clips of Shawn's career. He says he is on Taker's stomping grounds now and says he is not intimidated by Taker or afraid of a confrontation. HBK recalls Taker's wins at WrestleMania as clips are shown. This is a dark promo with a bit of an old-school feel. Shawn says Taker's streak will end this year. A tombstone is shown that sas 16-1 and Shawn breaks it. Shawn mocks Taker and says the winning streak will Rest... In... Peace. Shawn starts shoveling dirt over a hole as the video ends. Taker is watching the screen and doesn't look too happy. Taker paces back and forth as Lawler hypes that nobody has ever got in Taker's head like Shawn has. RAW goes to commercial.

- We get a plug for the WWE Hall of Fame and Cole says the final name will be announced tomorrow night on ECW.

Santino Marella vs. Mickie James

Santino Marella is in the ring with Rosa and Beth Phoenix and it sounds like a new theme song for him is finishing playing. Santino says he will be the winner of the 25 Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania. He says he went to Vickie and asked to be put in the match. Santino says you can't discriminate on his genitalia. Santino says if he can defeat Mickie James tonight with one hand tied behind his back, then he is in the Divas match at WrestleMania. Beth and Rosa argue with Santino as Mickie makes her way to the ring.

Santino approaches Mickie and misses something to start the match. Mickie takes Santino the mat and ties his other hand behind his back. Santino gets to his feet and Mickie mocks him, asking for a test of strength. Santino kicks her leg out from under her and starts dropping knees. Santino tries to roll over Mickie. She dropkicks him and gets a 2 count. Santino, with both hands behind his back, somehow gets control again, looking like a complete moron. Santino goes to the top rope but can barely hold his balance. Mickie hits him with a right hand and tries to knock Rosa off the apron. Beth gets on the apron and Mickie ends up kicking Santino in the back of the head to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Mickie James

After the match, Kelly Kelly and Melina come down to celebrate with Mickie as Santino, Rosa and Beth head to the back. Cole plugs tonight's main event as RAW goes back to break.

- We get another preview for 12 Rounds and a plug for John Cena's appearance on the Tonight Show tonight. Lawler and Cole run down the WrestleMania 25 card.

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase vs. Triple H

Voices plays as Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase slowly make their way to the ring. Legacy, minus Cody Rhodes, enter the ring as RAW goes back to commercial.

Back from commercial and we get a recap video of how bad Chris Jericho beat down Ric Flair at the start of tonight's show. Jerry Lawler says he will be here next week to call out Chris Jericho for a fight on next week's RAW. Orton and DiBiase await Triple H in the ring. The Game's music hits and out comes the WWE Champion to a pretty nice pop.

Triple H rushes in the ring and attacks Orton, going to the floor. Ted comes after but Triple H throws him into the barrier. Triple H continues assaulting Orton. DiBiase throws Triple H in the ring and Orton follows with the attack. The bell still hasn't rang yet. Ted holds Triple H as Orton works him over. Triple H ends up on the floor but throws Ted into the ring post. Orton also goes down. Triple H goes under the ring for a sledgehammer but Cody Rhodes decks him and comes from out under the ring. They put handcuffs on Triple H and drag him back in the ring. Cody is all bandaged up from last week. Triple H tries to fight back but they just beat him down and handcuff him to the top rope.

Triple H tries to fight with his free hand but Legacy gets the best of him and continue the assault. Orton grabs a mic and tells Triple H there's only one person who can save him now and she better hurry, referring to Stephanie. Orton grabs the sledgehammer from under the ring as Rhodes & DiBiase continue stomping. Triple H kicks the sledgehammer loose but they kick him some more. They hold Triple H as Orton goes to swing the hammer at Triple H's face. Stephanie McMahon comes running out and Orton stops. Stephanie watches from the floor as Orton stomps on Triple H. Orton goes to swing the hammer again but Stephanie climbs on the apron, crying. Orton says it's up to her now. Stephanie looks shocked as Orton approaches her. She abcks off the apron but Ted and Cody are behind her. She scrambles in the ring and Orton grabs her in the DDT position. Triple H reaches but is handcuffed and can't do anything. Orton leans Stephanie's body off the rope and drops her with a massive DDT. Awesome spot. Triple H hits his knees and is crying for Stephanie.

Orton just kneels over Stephanie's laid out body and taunts Triple H. The Game tries to drag Stephanie to him by her leg but Orton stops him and hits him some more. Orton gets to his feet and stares down Triple H with the sledgehammer. Orton turns his attention to Stephanie McMahon as Triple H freaks out and yells at Orton. Orton drops to his knees by Stephanie's head and puts down the sledgehammer. Orton bends down to his snake pose over Stephanie and just looks at Triple H. Orton kisses Stephanie while Triple H loses it, still handcuffed. Orton just looks at Triple H and taunts him. Orton gets back to his feet with the sledgehammer. Triple H gets to his feet and reaches but can't make it to Orton. Triple H tells Orton he is a dead man. Orton drops Triple H with a sledgehammer shot to the head. Orton focuses his attention back to Stephanie and back to Triple H. The referee tries to talk Orton down. Orton exits the ring with the hammer as a handcuffed Triple H is laid out and Stephanie McMahon is also laid out. A crazy looking Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase head to the back. Orton stops and stares as Triple H comes to and reaches for Stephanie. RAW goes off the air.

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