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Yearly Horoscope of 2010 for the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Yearly Horoscope of the Zodiac Sign "Sagitarius" for the year 2010 with general forecast, career, romance, lucky colours, numbers and more.

Sign: Archer

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Ruling house : 9th House

Element : Fire

Compatible zodiac signs: Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra

Incompatible zodiac signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Span/Date : November 22 to December 21

General forecast 2010

2010 is expected to be replete with excitement, surprises and loads of changes that are pleasant. With the ruling planet Jupiter acting as a magnifying lens, it will create an expansion in every area of your chart that it happens to touch. Jupiter being termed as broad-minded together with Uranus- the Awakener for company will remove all the resistances that impede your desire for growth. You will be presented with a clear path for progress. This exciting phase will arrive with the conjoining of these two planets, on June 8, 2010, September 18, 2010 and January 2011. The impact of this celestial event will affect your life throughout the whole year. If you are anticipating a momentous personal change, you might well discover that it is overwhelming enough to sweep you off your feet.

Jupiter will enter your 4th House of Foundations on January 17, 2010. If you have been seeking spiritual solace or truth for quite some time now, this is the time to have faith in your intuitions as the planetary positions would be encouraging enough. You must meet the requirements of your personal and family life and not leave the critical dictions waiting. As Jupiter progresses towards the Spontaneous Aries on June 6, 2010, time would be ripe for making those crucial decisions regarding your family and home.

This is expected to be a great time if you are in a relationship and if not; you are expected to get a whiff of romance and your creative soul will also get a boost. Your energy levels will get revitalized when Jupiter touches the 5th House of Self-Expression commencing from September 9, 2010. The 11th House comprises of long-term goals and you will have Saturn in this place. This will require you to be radical in your decision making. But nevertheless, it will only lead you towards achieving your dreams.


2009 had been a year of some serious decision making in matters related to job and career prospects. Your 10th House of career will receive the backing of Saturn from April 7 to July 21, 2010. This would be the perfect time to reconsider your decisions and you will be able to judge the circumstances with a clear vision and perspective. It will be a wonderful opportunity to set things in order and the intent should not be to set them 'right'. The adjustments you make will render a positive impact on your success and joy in life.

Pluto enters this house on August 21 and it would be the phase where you will discover yourself filled with enough time and money. Time for you to enjoy life!


This is the year where you will feel the tugging of the strings of your heart stronger than ever. Enjoy it as there are great surprises in hold for you in the later part of the year. The 5th House of Love is slated to be ruled by the Energetic Mars. Till March 10, there might be phases of non-events but the boredom will recede the moment Venus enters the house on March 7. The house will then be ruled by Mercury on March 17 and Sun on March 20. But the explosion of the final excitement in your life will occur with the entry of Uranus on May 27. As it is followed by Jupiter on June 6, the two planets will conjoin on June 8 to help you acquaint with newer perceptions on love. You would have no obstructions towards the fulfillment of your dreams and the excitement will spill into the following year as well.

Lucky color: violet, red, pink

Lucky number: 3, 12, 21, 30

Great Sagittarians: Ray Walston, Benedict Spinoza, Mahatma Gandhi


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