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Zaynah interviews Big B!
After portraying an autistic kid, Zaynah aka Antara of Aap Ki Antara, takes on the role of a journalist effortlessly…

Zaynah Vastani who we all love as Antara of Zee and Drishtant Media's Aap Ki Antara, has already ascertained what a wonderful performer she is by beautifully portraying her character. She recently proved she is mature enough to take on versatile roles as she took her first ever interview with none other than Big B.

Says our source, "Zaynah and Raj Simaria along with many other child artists, were given a chance to interact with Amitabh Bachchan. They all could clarify any query with the Big B in person! While Raj, being a foodie was more interested in the chocolates being given out, Zaynah made sure she asked questions to Big B."

The source further says, "Zaynah asked three questions to Big B. All three were very interesting and innovative. Big B happily obliged to answer them. He also took an instant liking to her. As a result Zaynah was given royal treatment and I mean that literally. She got to sit on one of the world's priciest thrones, that is Big B's lap!"

The source elaborates on how the whole interaction between Zaynah and Big B went. Says the source, "Zaynah asked, 'If you could ask for three wishes, what would they be?' To which Big B replied, 'Well, right now I only have one wish. That is, for all you kids to run away from here. You all are so mischievous; I'm not able to handle it!' The next question that Zaynah asked was, 'In Bhootnath you were a ghost, in God Tussi Great Ho, you played God and now you portray a genie in Aladdin. Why do such mystical characters interest you?' This was answered by Big B in a rather reminiscent manner, "Haan, well, yes I was a ghost then and now, I've become a genie." The third question posed by Zaynah was, 'Can you fulfill one wish of mine? Will you pose with me for a picture?' To this Amitabh happily obliged!"

Well, this is certainly another achievement for Zaynah where she completely charmed the Emperor of Entertainment himself!

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