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best place to propose the girls
1. One Boy to another - Which is the best place to propose girls.
Second Boy - Inside the Temple.
First Boy - Why
Second Boy - When Girls go to the Temple they remove their slippers outside. So there are no chances pf being beaten by Girls.

2. One girl named CHARU was walking on the road.
Another Boy - Your shoes are very nice. They are looking brand new.
Girl - Removing her shoes. Will you like to have them.
Boy again - Your skirt is very nice. It is looking brand new.
This time Girl was amazed as she could not remove her skirt in open.

3. A baby boy was born.
Baby Boy to the nurse - Can i have your Mobile Please.
Nurse amazed and asked WHY
Baby Boy to the nurse - I want to inform GOD that i have reached safely to the EARTH.
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Hahaha :hysterical: 2nd one &last one is cool:chips:
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ho ho ho ho He he he Smilesssssssssssssssssss
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