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help me with open box s10
i have openbox s10 imported from hongkong for Rs.3,800/-. i have 12 feet aluminium big dish set up on my house roof...

i wanna know one thing, how can i get indian channels like star ,zee & discovery packages using this setup... i dont want to spend money on another STB & Dish.... so you guys tell me how i can get these indian channels which are available for private DTH operators....

i know they r encrypted & paid channels... i am ready to subscribe if its not possible for me to get it with my set up freely....

how do i do that ??? Cool
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You can receive all those channels. But it is illegal in India.
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Buddy Try the help of google but as Our Mate said its illegal to watch in India and most of the world part. But there is one hope if the CAM is launched soon (As declared by Dish Tv) u might get a chance to watch all DTH legally.
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@SRK & Kanwar : pls PM me the necessary steps. i request you not to post it here but i wanna take risk & i would like to experiment it.... pls i wanna know how it works & what all channels i will get....

pls shed some light on this dark secret.... i know that if i google for some time i will get the information.... but nothing has been explored so extensively in India with these linux HD satellite receivers....

hence i may encounter difficulty while trying it out & setting up... hence i am asking for an expert's help....

pls brothers... i wanna learn these unknown things .... i swear i wont leak that secret anywhere else.... i am curious even more now....

waiting for your expert help with positivity....:omg:
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As per forum rules
Quote:Card Sharing & Keys

Asking to give details about card sharing and asking keys are not allowed as it is ILLEGAL here in India.

We don't want to go against Indian Govt rules.Sorry. Further discussion not allowed on this subject.
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