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moonOS 3 Features Improved Distribution Utilities

The moonOS developers released earlier today the third version of their lightweight Linux operating system. Dubbed "Makara," MoonOS 3 is based on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope), and uses the Enlightenment 0.16.999.60 desktop environment.

The moonControl utility now features a cleaned-up interface, and some system-configuration details have been added to the displayed information, like the hostname and the kernel, moonOS, Ubuntu and Enlightenment versions. Also, it is now possible to configure the appearance of the GTK-based applications through moonControl.

It also allows you to configure the desktop effects, whether you are using the ones built into Enlightenment or the ones provided by the Ecomorph OpenGL compositing window manager. moonGrub's interface was also overhauled, and it now gives you the possibility to create your own GRUB theme, by either basing it on an existing one or starting from scratch.

A new addition to moonOS's set of distribution tools is moonSoftware, which provides a custom front-end for apt-get and allows you to quickly browse through, view screenshots, create custom-view filters and install or uninstall the programs available in the repository. The usability on touch-screen devices was improved with the addition of EFL Keys, an on-screen keyboard based on the EFL libraries.

Because the usplash version used in moonOS 3 isn't compatible with Usplash Switcher anymore, the splash-screen themes can now be changed with another custom utility, called moonUsplash.

Highlights of moonOS 3 "Makara:"

· Linux Kernel 2.6.28;
· Xorg 7.4;
· Firefox 3.5.2, including the Moonlight plugin;
· 3.1.1;
· Pidgin 2.6.1;
· moonSystem protects distribution files from Ubuntu package upgrades;
· moonControl improvements;
· moonGrub improvements;
· moonSoftware was added;
· EFL Keys was added;
· Eye of GNOME was replaced with GPicview.

Download moonOS 3 "Makara" right now from here.

moonOS Main Edition 2 (ISO)

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