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new girl friends
1. Teacher to Anil - if you have 10 oranges. You gave 2 each to Aditi, Bhavna, Charu, Deepti, Garima. What will you get
Anil - Five new Girl Friends.

2. Teacher to Amit - Why have you come to school wearing one black socks and one white socks. Go home and change your socks.
Amit - There is no point in going home. At home also there is one black socks and one white socks.

3. One girl Aditi came to school wearing high heal shoes.
Teacher asked Aditi - why have you come to school wearing high heal shoes. High heal shoes are not allowed in school.
Aditi - i am wearing high heal shoes as i have come in high school.

4. Beggar to one lady - Give me some food.
Lady - Food is still not ready.
Beggar - When the food becomes ready call me on my mobile.

5. Lady to one beggar - Please take roti and sabzi.
Beggar - Give me some cake and sweets.
Lady - Why
Beggar - Today is my birthday.

6. One thief found stealing in one shoe shop was taken to the court.
Judge asked - Why did you not think about your wife and daughter at the time of stealing.
Thief replied - That shoe shop had mens shoes only.

7. One day one Girl Parul studying in school - My new session has began. I need new shoes with high heels.
Father to his daughter - But your shoes look okey. They are not even torn. Then why do you need new shoes with high heels.
Parul - I have come to high school. So i need new shoes with high heels.

8. Teacher asked one girl Aditi - Where is Mount Everest.
The girl Aditi replied - I do not know.
Teacher To the girl Aditi - Please remove your shoes and stand on the bench.
The girl Aditi - Removed her shoes. Stood on the bench. She said to the teacher still no sign of Mount Everest.

9. . Teacher asked the students - From next week your examinations are beginning. Any questions.
Students - In which printing press our questions papers will be printed.

10. One day father asked his son - Tell me the name of all primeministers.
Son - Stops after telling name of 3 primeministers.
Father - At your age i could tell the name of all the primeministers.
Son - At your age there were only 3 primeministers. We have to remember the name of so many primeministers.

11. One day father asked his son - What are you looking in the mud.
Son - You only said that i have spolied your name. So i was looking your name in the mud.

12. One day one girl named ANAMIKA came near the swimming pool. She started removing her clothes & shoes. The guard who was present there said to the girl can't you read the board it says one cannot have a bath in this swimming pool. THE girl said to the guard why did you not inform me when i was removing my clothes & shoes. The guard said that the sign board does not say that it is illegal to remove one's clothes & shoes it only says that one cannot have a bath in the swimming pool.

13. Mother asked her daughter ANSHU on eve of her first examination - What all preparations have you done for tommorw's examination.
ANSHU replied - I have filled my pen with ink, arranged my pencil box, polished my shoes, ironed by clothes.

14. One day one teacher came to the class kept his bag and went to have coffee in the canteen. So when the teacher did not come for fifteen minutes all the students went to the playfield in the school.
Next day teacher told all the students - Please remove your shoes and stand on the bench. Since my bag was present on the table that means i am in the class.
Next day teacher came in the class and saw that no student was present in the class and message was written on the blackboard that Since all our bags are present on the table that means we all are in the class.

15. Teacher aked ANJALI - Where is river ganga.
ANJALI - Sir on the earth.
Teacher - Where is river ganga on the map.
ANJALI - Sir, river ganga cannot be on the map as map will get wet.

16. Teacher to one of the girl named KOMAL - Where is qutab minar in INDIA.
KOMAL did not knew the answer.
So teacher told the girl KOMAL - Please remove your shoes and stand on the bench.
Komal after standing on the bench - Still no sign of qutab minar.

17. One day a girl named PARUL was walking on the street. One boy named NITIN was following her singing love songs.
NITIN came near PARUL & said that your sandels are looking brand new & very nice.
PARUL said to NITIN removing her sandels & aiming at him do you want to have it ?
Then suddenly NITIN this time said that your skirt is looking brand new & very nice.
SO the girl PARUL was left very annoyed & embaressed as she could not remove her skirt on the road
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Hahahaaaaa:mdr::hysterical: lovely jokes :theeth::crashed:
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