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sidux 2009-03 Has Linux Kernel and KDE 4.3.2
[Image: sidux-2009-03-Has-Linux-Kernel-2-6-31-6-...-3-2-2.jpg]

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann proudly announced earlier today (November 11th) the immediate availability of the sidux 2009-03 Linux-based operating system (codename "Mamos"). The new release ships with the ultimate Linux kernel and the breathtaking KDE 4.3.2 desktop environment. sidux is a full-featured Live CD based on Debian Sid, with a special focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within Sid and supplementary hardware and software support. This is also the first release of sidux without the KDE 3.x and Qt 3.x packages!

"For 'Μώμος,' development had to take massive upstream changes for sysvinit/ insserv,— and device detection, as well as sidux infrastructure changes into account, but also concentrates on furthering the KDE4 integration into sidux and upgrading to kernel 2.6.31. Subsequently it is the first sidux release to ship without KDE3 or qt3 packages. [...] Our special thanks go to the sidux art team and especially all mirror hosters for their efforts regarding sidux. In particularly our thanks go to the Hetzner Online AG for upgrading the server hardware of Following this we would like to welcome the mirror hosted by Cybermirror in Düsseldorf, Germany." - Stefan Lippers-Hollmann said in the official release announcement.

The new version of the Linux kernel included in sidux 2009-03 provides initial support for USB 3.0 devices, and for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card. Experimental drivers for RaLink's rt2770, rt3070 and rt2870 802.11b/g/n USB WLAN cards are also present in Linux kernel, as well as better power saving modes for the mac80211-based WLAN drivers. Laptop and webcam users were not forgotten, as sidux 2009-03 offers a new fan control mechanism for netbooks and better support for broadened webcams.

Highlights of sidux 2009-03:

· Based on Debian Sid (2009-11-11);
· Linux kernel;
· KDE 4.3.2 desktop environment;
· X.Org 7.4;
· Iceweasel 3.5.4 web browser;
· New artwork;
· OpenJDK 6;
· memtest86+ 4.0;
· Support for USB 3.0;
· Support for KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine);
· Support for Sound Blaster X-Fi sound cards;
· Support for RaLink rt2400, rt2570, rt2500, rt73 and rt61 802.11b/g Wi-Fi cards;
· Support for Intel Wireless Multicomm 802.11;
· Support for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 1000/ 5xxxAGN/ 6000/ 6050;
· Support for RealTek RTL8187B and RTL8187 USB WLAN cards;
· Support for RealTek RTL8185 and RTL8180L PCI WLAN cards;
· Support for many Atmel and Atheros wireless cards;
· Acer Aspire One fan control support;
· Automatic X.Org detection;
· OpenFWWF 5.2 firmware (for Broadcom AirForce 802.11b/g Wi-Fi cards).

sidux 2009-03 is available in the following flavors:

· KDE-Lite CDs for i686 and amd64 platforms;
· KDE-Full DVD for i686 and amd64 platforms;
· XFCE CDs for i686 and amd64 platforms.

sidux 2009-03 is available in the following languages: English (GB), Dutch, Danish, Greek, French, Japanese, Italian, Croatian, Portuguese (BR and PT), Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Russian.

Download sidux 2009-03 right now from here.

sidux 2009-03 (ISO) XFCE i386
sidux 2009-03 (ISO) XFCE amd64
sidux 2009-03 (ISO) KDE i386/amd64

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