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wwe smack down results 04/24/09
The show started with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introducing the show. They recapped the Cena-Edge feud going into Backlash. Cole said we will hear from the World Hvt. champion John Cena tonight.

In-ring: IC champion Rey Mysterio came out first to start the show. Hot crowd reaction with a little piped-in enhancement. Rey was selling a head injury following Big Show's big right hand on Raw from Monday night. C.M. Punk came out as his partner. Big Show then came out, followed by Kane, who had some heavy boos via the piped-in sound feature. Cole plugged Kane vs. Punk at Backlash on Sunday.

1 -- IC champion REY MYSTERIO & C.M. PUNK vs. BIG SHOW & KANE

Match quickly moved to the floor in the opening minute after Rey cleared out Kane. Rey then hit a running splash off the apron leading to the first break.

They returned from break with Kane working on Punk. Rey and Punk looking very pink tonight. The lighting in the arena seemed to have a pinkish hue as well. Kane then ran over Rey, who took a tag, and the heel giants began working on little Rey Rey. Show dropped a big leg on Rey, but Rey kicked out. Kane went to work on Rey as Cole reminded us of the psychological torture Kane put Rey through last year. He should have added the WWE Universe experienced psychological torture watching it unfold. Cole plugged Cena on Stars again.

Rey came back with an enziguiri kick and Punk took the hot tag for a springboard splash on Kane. Punk fired off kicks, ducked a big boot, and nailed a spinning back fist. Punk landed consecutive high knees in the corner, then he went up top, but Show knocked him off the top. Clunky spill. Kane then followed with a chokeslam on Punk and that's it.

WINNERS: Show & Kane in 10:00. Fine set-up for Kane vs. Punk at Backlash, although that match isn't going to sell PPVs. Focus was more on establishing the giants in WWE. Kane is upset about Punk one-upping him on Raw last week and Show is upset about everything. (*1/2)

Backstage: They showed Hornswoggle and Finlay preparing for Horny's final match together with pops on ECW. It's up next.

Video package: They aired the highspot-thriller video package on Jeff Hardy that was used before and after his WWE Title run. Who am I? I am Jeff Hardy.

In-ring: Cue up Hornswoggle's music and out came Finlay with Hornswoggle. Officially a "mixed tag match." Tyson Kidd and Natalya were already in the ring. No ring intro. Well, you know how this is going. Josh Mathews and Matt Striker then welcomed us to the ECW brand's Superstars match. Before the bell, Striker recapped Hornswoggle pinning Natalya on Tuesday night.


Finlay and Kidd started things off. Hornswoggle then took a tag and put Kidd in a flying head scissors. Kidd was rather upset, so he bailed to the outside for a breather. Hornswoggle then juggled some tennis balls and chucked them at Kidd, who gave chase on the floor. Finlay made sure Kidd took a beating as balls bounced back into the ring. Suddenly, Finlay smashed Kidd with a Shillelagh behind the ref's back and Horny came off the top with a tadpole splash on Kidd for the win.

WINNER: Finlay & Hornswoggle in 2:00. Well, there's your ECW showcase match. Jus a chance to make fools of Kidd and Natalya, which hopefully won't become a regular theme on ECW TV going forward. (n/a)

Post-match: Finlay took the mic and said this is probably the last time they will be in the ring together. Finlay said that before Horny goes to Raw, he would like to sing his favorite song. Cue up some soft Irish music. Finlay sang "When Irish Eyes are Smiling..." Hornswoggle, really from Wisconsin, sold emotion about hearing his fave song. Finlay wrapped it up nicely in decent tune. Cue up Randy Jackson: "Yo, dawg, it was good. A little pitchy in spots, but good." Finlay and Hornswoggle then hugged it out on stage.

Up later: Cena talks Edge. Also, Kofi Kingston vs. Edge in the TV main event.

Raw Rebound: They went back to Raw when Randy Orton defeated Triple H in a No DQ match after mass chaos allowed Orton to sneak in the RKO on Hunter for the win.

Announcers: Jim Ross and Todd Grisham brought us back from the Rebound to preview the Backlash PPV card on Sunday. Ross and Grisham were shown on camera to talk about things getting out of control between John Cena and Edge.

Video package: They showed the end of Cena vs. Jericho from Raw when Edge suddenly interfered, then beat the crap out of Cena, who sold a head injury post-beatdown.

Backstage: Grisham was suddenly backstage to interview John Cena. Wow, that was fast. Cena said he's not going to answer of Grisham's questions. He took the mic and said he's going to talk straight to you, all the viewers watching Superstars. Cena said the footage just seen was graphic. Unfortunately, it was a necessity. The rivalry between himself and Edge has nowhere else to go. Danced every step and told every story. This is one of the great rivalries in WWE history, he said. In a weird, crazy way, they've both manufactured each other's careers.

Cena said this is Yankees vs. Red Sox. Cena said what happens if the Yanks and Sox only were going to play one more game. Would any of them risk their careers to win that game? Would they put it all on the line and gamble on one game? Cena said they would all say yes. He said this is very serious to him. Cena very calm throughout this with just a few bursts. He said he's still standing and ready for a knock down, drag 'em out brawl. Voice escalating...Cena said only one man will write the story in the history books. Only one will be the better man. Voice calmer...there will only be one Last Man Standing. Cena nodded to the camera, then walked off. Honestly, that was a great promo. Painted the picture perfectly and got some folks excited for the LMS match at Backlash. Well done.

In-ring: Right on cue, Edge's music hit for the TV main event. Edge vs. Kofi up next.

In-ring: Kofi Kingston came out to a nice reaction to face Edge. Grisham and Ross plugged the Last Man Standing match again with the idea that the feud must end and it will end at Backlash.


Kofi took the early advantage and the announcers went the route of saying Edge might be looking ahead to Backlash and not focused on Kofi tonight.

Kofi nailed Edge out of the corner with an uppercut, then settled into an armbar on Edge. Edge broke the hold, though, with a forearm smash to the face to begin a brief attack. Kofi went back to the left shoulder, then he went up top, but Edge crotched him and Kofi fell to the apron. Cut to break with Kofi in jeopardy. But, first, Smackdown plug: Taker vs. Show and Batista & Shane vs. Legacy.

Edge was in control out of the break as Grisham told us some stories about Edge being a walking scandal. Ross said Kofi's star is growing and he'll be a major player soon enough. Kofi then came back with a leaping frog splash/cross-body block on Edge for a two count. Ross referenced it as a Ricky Steamboat-like splash to plug Steamboat vs. Chris Jericho on Sunday. Kofi and Edge recovered to their feet and Kofi nailed a forward-rolling Russian legsweep for a two count. Edge came to his feet first and he wanted the Spear, but Kofi moved and nailed the Jamaican Buzzsaw kick. Edge rolled to the floor, though, and Kofi was forced to follow him to the outside.

Back in the ring, Kofi made a cover, but Edge grabbed the bottom rope. Edge giving Kofi a lot tonight. Edge tried to surprise Kofi with a roll-up, but Kofi slipped out. Kofi then faked out Edge, who blocked a sunset flip. He wanted a Sharpshooter, but Kofi countered with a roll-up for a two count. Both men came to their feet and Edge surprised Kofi with an emphatic spear for the pin and the win. Post-match: Ross plugged an ol' time brawl between Cena and Edge on Sunday. Grisham gave us the final word for tonight.

WINNER: Edge in 13:00. Really nice TV match. Kofi was given plenty of offense to take a loss, but still come out looking good. Edge, as usual, was strong in the ring as the heel setting the tone for the match. If WWE can continue to feature 10-15 minute TV matches on Superstars featuring top stars, the show will provide a good hour of wrestling TV during the week that won't blow anyone away, but make sure viewers get their hour's worth. (***)

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the results of smackdown 24/4/2009 are

Matt Hardy & Kane def. Jeff Hardy & CM Punk
Big Show def. Undertaker [Image: 10003108]
Divas Champion Maryse def. Gail Kim (Divas Championship Match)
United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chavo Guerrero (Non-title)
Batista & Shane McMahon def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

theese results are from the official website of WWE.

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