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Bajaj to launch New Pulsar 300CC in India soon : Price & Specs - Mr.Bhat - 08-08-2010

Bajaj Auto is planning to launch New Pulsar 300CC in India soon. Bajaj is one of the major Indian automobile manufacturers. Bajaj’s pulsar bikes are most popular and top selling bikes for Bajaj Auto because of its stylist look and capability. Pulsar 300CC will be lunched as fifth model of Bajaj, following other Pulsar models including 150cc, 180cc, 220cc, 135cc. The announcement related to launch new Pulsar 300CC is officially not declared. See ahead, the photos of new Pulsar 300CC, it looks elegant.

The upcoming pulsar 300CC is considered to feature sporty looks, seat saddle, dual disc brakes, mono shock absorber and a few more appealing add-ons. Kawasaki firstly planned the design for the new pulsar but Bajaj appears to be working on production which is more proper for the Indian customers.

The bike 300CC should come with a price tag falling between Rs 1 – Rs 1.5 Lakh and if it stays below the 1 Lakh rupee mark then the company’s effort will be highly appreciated.

Some people say that Bajaj is not producing a Pulsar 300cc but it is only their marketing strategy for publicity about their forthcoming launches. Before the launch of the bike, people gossip about the brand and promote it.

Pulsar lovers wish that Bajaj Pulsar 300cc gets due attention regarding sporty looks, seat saddle, headlamps and also the kick-start option. Bajaj Pulsar 300cc can brighten up in the Indian automobile market. So open your eyes and wait for the new Pulsar bike to roll down the Indian roads.