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Shahrukh to play the Nawab of Awadh - Mr.Bhat - 08-09-2010

<img style="float:left; margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px ;" src=""/>Bollywood’s King Khan Shahrukh once played the emperor Ashoka in one of his films. Now he may essay the character of an Awadh king. The actor is in talks with a Paris-based Indian filmmaker Vijay Singh, who is planning to make a film on an 18th century love story.

Singh is keen to rope SRK fin for the challenging role of the Nawab of Awadh Naseeruddin Haidar who was supposed to romance a British girl. Singh is known for making some critically acclaimed feature films such as One Dollar Curry and Jaya Ganga. The movie titled The Opium Symphony is based on Singh’s book titled ‘Whirlpool of Shadows’.

In an interview, Vijay Singh said, “I had a meeting with Shahrukh regarding this film and he liked the script. So, I am going to approach him to essay the role of Nawab, who was the ruler of Awadh from 1826-36. The Nawab was fond of a British girl but their love was not in favor of the opium traders at that time.”

If Shahrukh signs the movie, we can see him as a king on screen for the second time!