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Peepli Live Will Release To 600 Screens On August 13 - Mr.Bhat - 08-10-2010


‘Peepli Live’ will release to around 600 theatres in India and 100 theatres across the world. Even though the movie doesn’t have a known star cast, but still the movie is much awaited by the viewers.

The movie will not release in UK on August 13 and after seeing the response by the international audiences, it will release on September 24.

The present plethora of movies in the cinema halls will face a tough competition with ‘Peepli Live’s release. The most valid reason for watching the movie by the audiences is that, it is by Aamir Khan’sproduction house. His mere association with the movie has worked like a magic wand.

Aamir adds, “Initially we had planned to open with 200 screens. But the reaction to the promos and trailers has been very encouraging.”

Usually an Aamir Khan movie releases across more than 1500 theatres alone in the country, but since it is a low-budget film, the movie will gradually gear up in the market. For instance, ‘3-Idiots’ was released in more than 1,760 screens alone in India.

Meanwhile, the ‘Peepli Live’ team is happy as the movie has already recovered its total budget of 10 crores. Its satellite television rights have been sold to Colors channel for Rs 10 crore and music rights to T-series for Rs 4 crore.

Vishal Kapoor, the COO of fun cinemas adds, “Though Peepli Live doesn't have a known star cast, there is a lot of excitement among movie goers based on the movie’s promos.”