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Tata Motors Acquires Another Italian Design House - SRK - 10-07-2010

Tata Motors is quickly adapting to new age vehicles and in a strategic move to make better and more stylish cars for future it acquired a 80 percent stake in Italian design and engineering house – Trilix Srl in Turin, Italy. The move comes as a strategic investment and an objective to enhance its designing and styling capabilities. The remaining 20 percent stake is equally held by the Italian company's promoters Bryn Jones, Federico Muzio and Justyn Norek.

Trilix provides a range of automotive design and engineering services, including styling, architecture, packaging, surfacing, macro and micro feasibility, and detailed engineering development. It has worked with Tata on several projects in the past. Over the years, Trilix Srl has developed a strong understanding of the Tata branch and enjoys excellent working relationship with the Indian automobile major in several projects, the spokesman said.

Tata Motors already owns yet another design firm Pinanfarina in Italy that is currently working on Tata Motors’ next generation luxury sedan – Tata Prima. Based on the platform of the first Indian saloon, the Tata Indigo, the Tata Prima designed by Pininfarina offers an indication of how the next generation of Tata saloons could be interpreted, with a distinctive, elegant design.

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