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Ford looks to drive in EcoBoost tech - Mr.Bhat - 10-07-2010

US car maker Ford is planning to introduce EcoBoost technology for its upcoming eight new vehicles for the Indian market in the next five years. The company has launched this technology for its cars in the US. Ford has also firmed up plans to introduce a pre-owned car business known as ‘Ford Approved’ in India within the next six months.

Plans are also afoot to export Figo, the small car from the Ford stable, to 50-odd countries, including South America and Northern Africa. In 2011, Ford India plans to export around 10,000 Figos outside of South Africa. This is part of Ford’s strategy to make India the export hub for small cars.

Talking to ET, Michael Boneham , president and managing director of Ford India, said: “Ford’s EcoBoost engine technology was introduced a year ago in the US and has met with great response. These engines sport 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% lesser emissions . We plan to introduce this kind of EcoBoost engines in India as well.”