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Skynindo - WARUNASAT - 10-11-2010

In Palapa D at 113.0°E (Asean Beam)

PT. Cipta Skynindo was established in November 2000, and its first launched using Telstar-18 Satellite at 17th of August 2009 which is also Indonesia's independents day. It will be relaunched in November 2010 with its trade name "Skynindo". Skynindo aims to meet the market demands in Indonesia towards quality pay TV. Hopefully by carrying our slogan 'MOMENT OF TOGETHERNESS, MOMENT OF HAPPINESS', Skynindo could bring togetherness and happiness to the Indonesian family.

Skynindo has secured a permanent broadcast license from the Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia, no. 101/M.KOMINFO/03/2010.

By employing satellite system and MPEG4, Skynindo expects to maximize the audiovisual quality it can provide to the entire geographical region of Indonesia. Supplied with wide variety of International channels and quality in-house channels that present programs suitable to the Indonesian lifestyle, Skynindo wishes to be able to give alternative viewing materials, with quality, and competitive price tag.

Thx goes to Mr Indika Perera at warunasat forum/