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Suvarana to launch mega soap ' Beedige Biddavaru ' - Mr.Bhat - 10-14-2010

Star’s Kannada offering Suvarna will be launching a mega serial "ಬೀದಿಗೆ ಬಿದ್ದವರು" [Beedige Biddavaru], starting October 18 on the 7 pm slot.

The soap is being directed by well-known ector Phani Ramchandra who returns to wield a mike for the small screen after a hiatus.

The serial will run between Monday and Friday.

Ramchandra has directed a number of films such as “Ganeshana Madhuve”, Gauri Ganesha and “Ganesha Mathe Banda” and teleserials with his own inimitable style of irony and humour.

The Beedige Biddavaru story revolves around 6 young men who think that the software industry alone is supreme; multinational companies are the lifeline of existence; forgetting one’s culture and tradition while earning in millions and then finally going bankrupt in the wake of economic recession, insights like parents wishes that their daughter should marry only to a software engineer’ are presented in a lighter vein.

“Like my other films and serials, this serial too has a strong social message to the society narrated through humour and irony. Although the story revolves around characters from the world of IT and BT and their families, there is a message for the whole society. I believe the viewers will like it”, says Ramachandra.