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Radio Mirchi brings to listeners IDEA Bhaasha Champion - Mr.Bhat - 10-25-2010

Idea Cellular, the pan-India mobile operator in association with Radio Mirchi, India’s leading Radio network brings to Mirchi listeners a chance to overcome all language barriers with their newest endeavour, ‘Idea Bhaasha Champion. In sync with its latest ad campaign, IDEA Cellular will engage Mirchi listeners across the country in a two-week long activity wherein Mirchi listeners and their favourite RJs strive their best to be the ‘Idea Bhaasha Champion’.

This latest user engagement platform will capture and highlight the essence of the campaign - that great conversations need not be restricted by the barrier of language. One can be a Hyderabadi and yet enjoy a popular Bengali song or converse in ease with one’s Punjabi friends, thanks to Radio Mirchi and IDEA Cellular! In an innovative concept, all language queries faced by the Mirchi RJs and the listeners will be resolved by the use of their mobile phones, on India’s hottest radio station Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.

Spread over two weeks, the ‘Idea Bhaasha Champion’ campaign is being carried out in two phases. In the first phase, Mirchi RJs were challenged by their listeners to interpret a phrase or a song, not known to them, with help from Mirchi RJs from other stations. Mirchi RJs networked across the country by calling their comrades live on air in order to overcome the challenges posed by listeners. Mirchi RJs demonstrated their mastery over an unknown language and thus presented the true spirit of the campaign.

In the exciting second phase of the activity which lasts till 27th October, Mirchi listeners will be challenged by the RJs to interpret a famous song or sentence in a language that is not in their mother tongue. In a quest to solve the challenges, the listener has to call his/her friend to help him become the winner. Mirchi listeners will get a chance to display their expertise in the rich and varied dialects of India, live on air, and as gratification they will win a set of regional language DVDs and VCDs. Tune into Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, show off your verbal prowess and stand a chance to be the ‘Idea Bhaasha Champion’!